Client Testimonials

ERP Advisors Group became one of the world’s most trusted software advisors by providing excellent service to our clients. Here it is in their own words.

It was great working with EAG because I didn't have to do everything on my own. I had someone else that could vet the vendors, speak with them, and help figure out how to do things I didn’t know how to do. A strong point was that they picked vendors that I wouldn't have even considered, and they also presented to our board the needs analysis and what they thought the pricing should be for the project. These pieces were important to me on top of the fact that their team is very nice to work with. Read More.

Tonya Olson
Finance Director, Mountain View Fire

Our experience with EAG was so positive that I would definitely be willing to recommend ERP Advisors Group to another company. I have recommended them once or twice to other community foundations already. Read More.

Alyssa Kopf
COO, Denver Foundation

We decided to hire ERP Advisors Group because they were professionals in the industry, and ERP implementations are the only thing they do. We didn't want to choose a firm that had two or three other side businesses. EAG helped us determine that there was one system that was going to be a fit for us. In the end, they made our choice easy. Read more or see Bron Tapes case study.

Adam Clapp
CFO, Bron Tapes

Our timing with our new ERP was a godsend. We were able to continue working at 100% capacity thanks to ERP Advisors Group, and we do look forward to implementing it at our other locations in the future.

Robert York
CEO, National Livestock

ERP Advisors Group really understands the market that they’re in and the clients that they have. They’re very honest, high integrity people. They have no direct affiliation with any vendors and receive no kickbacks for any products they recommend. Whenever someone I know says they are looking for a new ERP system, I will always refer them to EAG. I honestly don't even know who else to refer them to at this point.
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Lew Visscher
CFO, Catalyst Repository Systems

ERP Advisors Group helped us have confidence in the solutions they proposed to us. They have years of experience, and their staff are really good at managing the relationship of working with a client while also understanding the technical aspects of what an organization needs in terms of an ERP solution. EAG showed us they were good at both of those things, and they found the right solution for us.
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Angela Schreffler
COO, Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

We could not have completed a project like this in this sort of a time frame on our own. Also,
I don’t know if we would have come to the same conclusions without assistance from ERP Advisors Group. There were several products that probably would have been fine for us, but we felt like the partners ERP Advisors Group connected us with, and the product combinations, led us to the best solution for us.

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Jeff Lunz
Jeff Lunz

We heard about ERP Advisors Group through a number of different fire departments in the southern portion of the Denver Metro Area. One specific fire department was very happy with their new ERP system, so we chose to go with EAG as well. We’re very pleased with the product we found, and there’s a lot more that we can look forward to as we continue to use it and learn about all the features it has.
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John Willson
Fire Chief, Louisville Fire Protection District
brandon mcneil lightning e motors

ERP Advisors Group was excellent through the whole process and was able to give it a degree of attention that we didn’t have the bandwidth to do ourselves.
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Brandon McNeil
Vice President, Lightning eMotors

We heard about ERP Advisors Group from one of our trusted company advisors. Going through an ERP implementation it can be transformative for your business, but it can also have a lot of potential pitfalls. Getting help from a company like ERP Advisors Group is really important to the success of your project.
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Craig Jack
Executive VP, The KONG Company

Our consultant from ERP Advisors Group was easy to get along with. They have the background and experience to be able to talk to the owners of the company or a clerk on the front lines, and anywhere in between. If we had not worked with EAG, we wouldn’t have accomplished our goal of having ownership agree to update our software. We’d still just be talking about it.
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Scott Lane
CIO, Beaver Street Fisheries

We've had support from a number of different people within EAG on this big project of ours, whether it was as early as the RFP and the needs assessment to now through the data management. It's been a fantastic experience working with ERP Advisors Group. Read the full testimonial.

Daniel Niccum
President, Voltyx
Daniel Niccum Headshot

All in all, ERP Advisors Group does exactly what they say they're going to do. Shawn Windle has been phenomenal, and so has Kaylee as they are helping us prepare to launch. We have high optimism that this is going to be a good process for us, and I think they can sense we're motivated to do this right, and they want to help us be successful. I would absolutely be willing to recommend ERP Advisors Group. Read the full testimonial here.

Tom St. Lawrence
President, American Holt

As we lacked expertise in ERP implementation, we needed to recruit someone who knew the industry and knew how to navigate our options. When we made the decision to work with ERP Advisors Group, it was because we recognized the expertise that they would bring to our project.
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Aaron Peavey
Rocky Mountain Fire
Karl Nicholls

I’m very happy to refer people to ERP Advisors Group. I really appreciate their integrity, and the fact that they are truly dedicated to making sure that your implementation is successful. ERP implementations are very stressful, and they can be very disruptive. It’s really nice to have someone like EAG championing your cause and making sure that your project is a success.
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Karl Nicholls

ERP Advisors Group was able to capture the vision that I had for our ERP project and implementation. They were able to fill in the gaps where we might have failed in the execution of our project, and that allowed us to really focus on what we were good at internally. All in all, our ERP implementation turned out really well thanks to ERP Advisors Group.
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Chris Carpenter
Director of IT, Epilog Laser
chris carpenter

I’ve worked with ERP Advisors Group on two different projects and it’s been a good relationship and a good fit for our company. I decided to hire them because I liked the ability to work with consultants who had no skin in the game on what we were selecting. By choosing ERP Advisors Group, we have been able to achieve our goals with the software we chose for our project.
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Kevin Mann
VP Finance and Administration, Denver Rescue Mission

Going through an ERP implementation is a stressful, tense time and ERP Advisors Group was very helpful throughout the process. There doesn’t seem to be much that EAG can’t do for us. Although we weren’t used to updating software, ERP Advisors Group really helped get us as ready as we could be for the project.
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Ryan Johansen
CFO, Producers Livestock

We saved a lot of money by working with ERP Advisors Group. The ERP selection more than paid for itself in the cost savings – and we have a better tool. Our biggest cost savings was on the implementation side, it ended up being a five-figure difference. Working with EAG, you’re kind of coming to this union with a matchmaker who already knows the prospective groom. That was probably the biggest thing, is them already knowing the landscape. I absolutely feel comfortable referring ERP Advisors Group.
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Sandi Garcia
Financial Planning Association

The team at ERP Advisors Group was great at helping us through our ERP project. They didn’t give up until we got to our final decision, which was great. The team at EAG was really responsive to what we wanted, and they had a great framework to help us select the right product for us. I would recommend EAG to anyone looking to update their software. Hands-down we would happily work with them again. I would have absolutely no qualms about making that recommendation and I also have no doubts that our VP of Finance and VP of IT would happily recommend EAG as well.
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Rebecca Slattery
Controller, Pursuit Collection

We were looking for an ERP consulting firm with a local presence. We also wanted a company that didn’t represent a specific ERP product or a shortlist of ERP products. ERP Advisors Group met all the criteria for us. They made their process easy to understand, gave the presentations that we needed to see, and asked the right questions. I’m confident we made the right decision with their help.
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Bud Price
Director of IT, Brown Strauss, Inc.

The partnership with ERP Advisors Group was great for our organization as we weren’t staffed to manage such a project. ERP Advisors Group brought in professionals that were able to help us manage and work through the implementation of a pretty significant software change. They acted like a member of our organization — they were able to bridge that gap between our internal team and the vendor’s implementation team, and they did that very well.
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Dillon Miskimins
CFO, South Metro Fire Rescue
Dillon Miskimins fire truck
holger durre testimonial photo

We wouldn’t be in the spot we’re in as an organization, in replacing our record management system or hardware or software, had it not been for the Needs Assessment ERP Advisors Group did at the beginning of the RMS selection process. That was so key and has paid for itself many times over.
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Holger Durre
Deputy Fire Chief, Boulder Fire-Rescue

I have no problem being a referral for ERP Advisors Group. EAG helped take a huge mess, straighten it up, organize it, and get us to understand where we really stood and where things were. I see the project with EAG as a success because it allowed us to finally put the issues we had to bed and start moving forward.
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John Laughlin
Director of IT, Spectralink
john laughlin spectralink
adam birk 2

Working with ERP Advisors Group has been a good experience and I would absolutely recommend them to colleagues. I’m particularly impressed with Founder and Managing Principal Shawn Windle. I feel he is very capable and has a lot of good experience and knowledge to draw from.
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Adam Birk
COO, Vertikal Brands & Higdon Outdoors

Every implementation has its challenges. It’s a major undertaking but it’s definitely worth it. We’re really grateful for the support from ERP Advisors Group to get us here.
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John Passauer
VP of Finance, iDE Global
Margaret Dolan

I really appreciate ERP coaching us through the entire implementation.

Margaret Dolan
CFO, Autoloop

They certainly did a great job of keeping us on task, and that’s one of the challenges you run into with something like this is it might be really exciting when you get started and then it tends to drift. But they didn’t let that happen. This project was moving forward the whole time.
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Mark Schreiber
President, CRKT

EAG came to the table invested in our success. They were not trying to push a particular
solution, they took the time to learn about who we are and where we are headed as an
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Heidi Hernandez Gatty
VP of Client Services, Community Initiatives

I could always rely on them to communicate and document well, cross all their T’s and dot all their I’s. It freed me up to do my job and not have to spend as much time managing the project.

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Shad Reding
Finance Director, InfoSend
KLJ Solutions

ERP Advisors Group guided us through the process of selecting the right ERP solution that best fit our needs today and for the long term. I frankly don’t know what we would have done without EAG’s expert guidance throughout the implementation process.

Dean Anagnost
CFO, KLJ Solutions

We used Shawn and his team at ERP Advisors for two post merger systems integration projects involving two very well known ERP systems. Both projects were on time and on budget. Shawn's team was collaborative, involved, and managed the projects well. I would use them again.

Mike Dansby
CFO, Pivot3
Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 2.23.04 PM
Nigel Alexander

We worked with ERP on both the selection and deployment of NetSuite. With a small Accounting department whose time was already fully utilized, we could never have attempted a system conversion without the detailed help of ERP and their Partners. They guided us every step of the way and lead the process day to day which was critical to our successful deployment.

Nigel Alexander
CFO, Cartasite

ERP is a critical and valued partner to DRN.  ERP has done an amazing job understanding the unique intricacies of our business and the related operational and accounting processes.  Combining this knowledge with their broad understanding of the numerous software platforms available in the market place, they have made a complicated selection process seem very simple.  I have complete confidence in the direction we are heading with regards to software platforms, and DRN will continue to leverage ERP’s industry expertise in the future.

John Nethery
John Nethery

ERP has remained committed to helping us through our organizational changes. They regularly went above and beyond without trying to nickel and dime us for extra hours.

I was most impressed by how quickly they grasped my business and the issues that we faced.

David Dotts
Program Manager, KCD Brands / Sears

My experience with your ERP Advisors Group has been superior. I feel that their team has our best interests in mind – at all times. I also appreciate the open dialogue and responsiveness to our needs. I have recommended ERP Advisors Group to other business associates, and I will continue to do so. I enjoy supporting ERP Advisors Group's team, and I know that my business associates will have a very positive experience.

Kelly Rainford
Körber Supply Chain Solutions
Kelly Rainford

One important reason we brought ERP Advisors Group on board is to have someone who is knowledgeable in the software market. This market knowledge has saved us a lot of time. We’ve found it valuable to have someone to hold our hand, so to speak, through this process, and help assist us in finding the right fit for an implementation partner, helping us select the right software, and introducing us to the options in the market.

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Michael Thornley

ERP Advisors was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Thanks to their partnership, we were able to execute on time and on budget across an integration project that spanned eight unique systems.

Cathy Francis
VP Global Sales, Pivot3

Our biggest driver criteria was that ERP Advisors Group was not going to come into our project from a sales perspective; they are not an advocate for the software companies, they are an advocate for our organization and that was what we were looking for. We needed that expertise to help drive where we are headed, wherever that might be.

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Energy Industry

Initially, the most important part of working with ERP Advisors Group was going through and helping our organization identify what would be a good solution for us. Shawn's involvement in understanding our business and being able to take that understanding and his expertise to say that we weren’t going to look at or consider certain applications because they weren’t right for us was a big help. Shawn helped us focus our attention on mid-tier options that were a better fit for our business. Having that knowledge to look at the benefits and risks of the different software platforms available was invaluable.

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Bryan Leo
COO, BDC Laboratories
Bryan Leo

Dave’s expertise in data manipulation and consolidation was excellent. I felt as though my working relationship with Robert and Dave to be very good and I appreciate everything they have done. I did not always know the answers, but Dave would provide prototype files and clarify the information and structure being reviewed. They guided us rather than us having to evaluate and digest the extensive information ourselves.

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Ron Ridgway
Enterprise Infrastructure Manager, CCC

One of the main reasons I like working with ERP Advisors Group is that Shawn Windle is very experienced, and that is key. Everyone on our internal team has had some experience with these type projects — some of it directly with ERP, some of it with regular software implementation. It’s important that you have someone who has experience with ERP specifically, and someone who has the relationships with the vendors and can really help to get the truth from them.

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Chief Administrative Officer
Professional Services Industry

The guidance from ERP Advisors Group has been invaluable throughout the entire process of implementing our new ERP and CRM solution. Their guidance and hands-on approach have made an otherwise very complex process, very doable.

Jeff Koski
Senior Director of IT, API Healthcare, Inc.

I would definitely use ERP Advisors Group for this process in the future because they got us to a point where we were able to select something and have a good, documented process that showed how we got there versus one executive choosing a system or somebody simply selling the company something.

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Bob Lay
Bob Lay

I’ve been through some rough ERP implementations before and I must say that ERP Advisors Group made selecting and implementing the right software a smooth and fairly effortless process. They are right there with us every step of the way lending expert advice and helping us manage the project.

James Evans
CFO, Rockpile Energy Services, LLC

I think working with an independent group like ERP Advisors helps provide more of a filter and more checks when it is going through someone outside your own organization. That was one of the reasons why I selected EAG and even went with an outside consultant in the first place. If anyone asked, I would definitely recommend that they use a consultant, and I would be more than happy to recommend ERP Advisors Group.

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Mike Palleschi
Corporate Controller, JRF Ortho
mike palleschi

ERP Advisors Group helped our group make what could have been a very tedious process much more simple. They provided expert advice to our group and helped us arrive at exactly the right solution for our ERP needs. They are knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

Val Milshtein
VP of Technology, Cologix, Inc.

ERP Advisors Group did a great job from the meetings to the deep dives, the orchestrations, and narrowing down of the work needing to be done. I have no negatives, only positives, and I have no recommendations for improvement. I thought how ERP Advisors Group handled everything was very well done. I talked with my team, and they agree. The feedback from everyone that worked on the project was that Shawn and Carly and their team did a great job.

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Steve Cullen
COO, Aero Wireless Group

We had a legacy system that had not been upgraded in over 15 years. ERP Advisors Group not only helped us select the best solution for our company, but they were with us every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation.

Aaron Breen
Controller, Central Seaway, Inc.

We had started our own process of selecting new software and decided to engage EAG after another oil and gas company referred them to us. They are knowledgeable and very engaged in the entire process. Having them on our team gives us peace of mind knowing that experts are looking out for our best interest. It is easy working with them.

Eric Guy
Controller, Caliber Midstream Partners, LP
eric guy

We had been working on upgrading our ERP solution for regulatory reasons for months without being able to see our way through the process. We brought in ERP Advisors Group and within one month more got accomplished than in all the previous months combined. It is so much easier to do when you have an expert advisor looking out for your best interest. I don’t know why anyone would consider doing this on their own.

Amy Allen
CFO, Tendril, Inc.

Working with ERP Advisors Group in the Energy Services market is a pleasure because they simplify the selection process for clients and even though they are technology agnostic, the selection process for vendors is streamlined and a decision is always made after final demonstrations take place. As an implementation vendor this is invaluable.

Director of Business Development
SAP - Implementation Partner

ERP Advisors Group’s role as an advisor to the client during the implementation was vital to its successful completion. They were there for the client and for us facilitating the process and ensuring decisions were being made to keep things moving forward.

Chief Architect
National Implementation Partner for Oracle

When we participate in an ERP selection process where ERP Advisors Group is involved, we know the selection process will be swift, fair and professional. As a vendor you can’t ask for more than just a fair chance to show your wares and hopefully win the business.

Sales Manager
NetSuite National Implementation Partner

ERP Advisors Group is very knowledgeable and professional. It is easy to work with them and they always help by facilitating and making available all the information needed for us to show our software in the best possible light. They are responsive and very fair in their selection process.

Vice President
Microsoft Dynamics National Implementation Partner

That’s what we hoped for, and that's what we got. Somebody to walk us through, ask us the hard questions, and make sure that all the areas of the business were represented and someone, in Quentin’s case, who can really speak intelligently about what's out there in the market. Read More

Director of IT
Engineering and Field Services Firm
Susan Baker

It was a valuable process that we went through with Shawn and the team--to see what an external firm says about your business strengths and weaknesses. You must be very clear about the initial requirements and understand the scope of the customization and data preparation and migration that will be involved. Shawn and the EAG team really helped us confirm this. Read More

Susan Baker

Working with Curtis was great. He really became my partner throughout the project. He helped me manage the vendor and he also helped me manage people inside my company. Curtis worked the organizational aspects, allowing me to work on the people aspect. He was really good at keeping track of topics and issues, then bringing them up to help us create productive conflicts that would keep the process going and the project on track. Along with our team, Curtis helped lead the project and was there for advice along the way. He and I found the right complement to each other that really allowed not just for me to be successful but for the whole company to be successful.

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Luke Harmon
Electrical Engineer, Prism Electric
Luke Harmon
bill lloyd

I would be a reference for EAG in a heartbeat. If I hear somebody is doing or thinking about doing a project, EAG will be my only recommendation.

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Bill Lloyd
CFO, Every Nation Churches & Ministries

I would definitely be complementary of EAG and offer them up as an independent company to help guide somebody through the process effectively.

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Zan Murray
Executive Vice President, J-U-B Engineering
zm blog

I would absolutely be willing to give a recommendation for ERP Advisors Group, we have enjoyed working with them and appreciate all they’ve done to help us with our project.

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Ted Ganio
CEO, Helinox

We would recommend ERP Advisors Group to others. Our experience was a positive one. The initial calls with Shawn and Erica were very strong. They really set the tone about the strengths of their organization. They demonstrated from the beginning that this was an organization interested in partnering with us, as opposed to just closing a deal.

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Teresa Carey
CFO, Froehling & Robertson
tc blog
Cathey Pangborn Photo

We wanted a personal, more intimate project involvement and I knew ERP Advisors Group could provide that for us. That was one of the many reasons we went with EAG.

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Cathey Pangborn
Palmer Donavin

The fact that they could accelerate the process by using existing templates and an existing knowledge base was a big help for us. Instead of starting with a blank sheet of paper and creating some of these documents ourselves, they already had templates, approaches, and tools; I think all of that was a big advantage to our project. I would absolutely be willing to be a reference for ERP Advisors Group.

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Mark Cybulski
Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 3.05.12 PM

I would say EAG has brought a lot of value to our project. First, was their knowledge of the different software possibilities on the market. It was helpful for us to understand all of our options. This allowed us to avoid narrowing our options unintentionally or through bias. 

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Shirl Gager
Operations Controller, Apex Clean Energy

ERP Advisors group is very professional and on top of things and the speed at which they are able to work is great. Anytime I reach out, I instantly get a response and can easily set up a meeting, which is very helpful. I have learned a lot working together with Shawn and Carly. 

I would absolutely be willing to recommend ERP Advisors Group.

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Verena Angermair
Global Project Manager, Körber

ERP Advisors Group is very open and has provided me with a lot of information based on the experience of its consultants. I have received and continue to receive a lot of feedback from them and have appreciated their direction. It is very helpful, and Shawn is always available whenever I need his guidance. Based on my experience, of course, I would be willing to recommend ERP Advisors Group.

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Jason Ong
IT Manager, Ferrotec Malaysia

ERP Advisors Group educated us on solutions we may not have discovered on our own. We ultimately did the right thing by getting EAG involved and looking beyond. You’re always looking for somebody who knows you and is speaking on your behalf, and they did a wonderful job.

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Tim Miller
IT Manager, R L Deppmann

I like that there is a methodology that EAG follows and approaches each project with; a process they take companies and clients through. So far, ERP Advisors Group has been great to work with. Bringing in EAG has been of great value. 

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Process Manufacturing

I only have high praise for ERP Advisors Group and Carly did a great job. She operated efficiently, brought in expertise, cut through the red tape with vendors, and helped us navigate through a tight timeline. All in all, it’s been a good experience working with EAG, and would recommend them for ERP needs.

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Mike Spindler
Enterprise Technology Director, Ulteig
Rollin Perrigo - HoSt Bioenergy Systems

We do a bit of everything, so it was helpful to feel understood by Quentin and the team at ERP Advisors Group, that they really got what we do and how we specifically operate. At this point, I would for sure recommend ERP Advisors Group.

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Rollin Perrigo
CFO, HoSt Bioenergy Systems

I can't imagine doing this without a partner like EAG, honestly, and I think everyone on our internal team feels like EAG is truly our partner and I am so glad we did it this way. Everything has exceeded our expectations and I cannot imagine going through this process without EAG or the support and guidance they have provided.

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Nancy Graham
CFO, Exerplay
Nancy Graham Circle Logo

"EAG was incredibly easy to work with. They were coordinated and flexible and really did their jobs well as project managers. They did the work to make sure that things were moving along and getting done, so I did not have to project manage the project manager."

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Jim Stirbis
Global Corporate Controller, Infleqtion

EAG helped us execute a successful project in a few ways, including setting expectations, project management, and the experience of having been through this so many times. There is no doubt that we made the right decision to get into a new ERP system.

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Roy Wetterstorm
CEO, Revo Brands
Sara Nelson

I think ERP Advisors Group works very well as a team. I’ve spent a lot of time with them, and I could just sit back and watch them work. They did a great job interviewing people. We’ve done a lot of interviews as well and EAG did a really, really good job. I’m glad we had ERP Advisors Group to help us with this phase of our project.

Sara Nelson
E-Commerce Manager, GT Midwest

We would strongly recommend ERP Advisors Group to anyone in the process of looking for new ERP software. They held an extreme level of professionalism from start to finish and made this process smooth and enjoyable for our entire team.

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Andy Katz
Director of Information Technology, Komori America Corporation
jody cire

By bringing in EAG we were able to streamline the process and build buy-in from everyone. With Carly and Micah, we had a great experience, and they were very helpful, particularly during this phase of the project. I would definitely be willing to recommend ERP Advisors Group.

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Jody Cire

EAG took the time to get to know us, to know our business, and to really understand what we were trying to accomplish. They quickly demonstrated their knowledge by telling us up front what the likely choices would be and then explained the process we would go through to confirm those selections. I would absolutely recommend ERP Advisors Group.

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Michael Howell
Controller, AI International
Michael Howell Photo
Alesandro Profile Circle

ERP Advisors Group was really supportive throughout the selection process. They made sure they understood our requirements, especially because it was four different companies being evaluated at the same time. While all four are in manufacturing and service, they have distinct product offerings and sales channels. EAG successfully harmonized these requirements and identified the most suitable solutions for all the companies.

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Alesandro Cucci
General Manager, Runtal North America

EAG's role in a project like this is to be flexible, which is really great, and I think of EAG as our guide during the selection process due to their extensive knowledge and connections. Overall, we are definitely happy with EAG.

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Sachi Ishida
Director of Strategy Implementation, The Denver Foundation
denver foundation logo

It was a tremendous help to have ERP Advisors Group hold our hand through the needs analysis. They walked us through the steps of aggregating our needs, framing them, providing them in context, and pulling them together. I would recommend ERP Advisors Group for those looking for help selecting a new ERP. It would not have happened without their help, so I’m very thankful for their team.

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Eric Hanson
CFO, Lifeway Foods, Inc.

ERP Advisors Group was great to us. They were very energetic, very knowledgeable, always on time, and I couldn't have asked for a better team. Everyone was extremely professional, were good communicators, and everybody comes from their own background.

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Gary Watkins
CFO, Hourglass Management Corp.
Gary Circle Icon

I would highly recommend ERP Advisors Group to help with the needs and selection analyses when looking for a new ERP. It meant a lot to talk to people who walk their walk, and that’s exactly what they do. We were very satisfied with how things went, and we’re confident in the solution we chose because of it.

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Dan Luzietti
CFO, Hercules Industries

We chose EAG for two significant reasons. The first was their ability to understand our business quickly and effectively. The second reason revolved around cultural fit, which was important to our team, and we feel comfortable working with ERP Advisors Group and clearly see their desire to help us solve our problems. I will definitely recommend EAG if the opportunity ever arises.

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IT Director
Engineer to Order Manufacturer
PEFirm Icon

Following our acquisition and embarking on a buy-and-build strategy, the needs analysis process helped us identify our next course of action, and it was great to have more insight into our processes. Quentin took our thoughts into account, and he gave the process a bit more coverage while we tried to put an interim solution in. That was a great help.

ERP Advisors Group was flexible and adapted to our situation. Our project was a bit different because it wasn’t a traditional process. There were two different businesses purchased in one transaction, and we were trying to perform the needs analysis at the same time. We eventually split them up, which made sense, and EAG was a great help in navigating this challenge for us. Overall, I enjoyed working with ERP Advisors Group, and have no complaints.

VP Operations
Denver-Based PE Firm

ERP Advisors group was extremely pleasant to work with, and I would absolutely recommend them to my colleagues. We got the work done and were able to smile while doing it. It was a win-win all around. In fact, I was sad when the vendor selection process was over because I had to say goodbye to Carly and Amelia. That’s how much I enjoyed their help and those meetings with them.

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Kevin Mulligan
VP of IT, Sherwood Lumber Corp.
Ryan Vogt Circle Icon

ERP Advisors Group helped match the culture and vibe of our company. One of our questions going into this was, “Can we find a partner that only works with an organization of our size?” because we don’t fit into a standard mold in terms of the way we operate. EAG really understood that. We just clicked and EAG worked well with us through that process.

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Ryan Vogt
Director of Business Systems, BOA Technology