Client Testimonials

ERP Advisors Group became one of the world’s must trusted software advisors by providing excellent service to our clients. Here it is in their own words.

We decided to hire ERP Advisors Group because they were professionals in the industry, and ERP implementations are the only thing they do. We didn't want to choose a firm that had two or three other side businesses. EAG helped us determine that there was one system that was going to be a fit for us. In the end, they made our choice easy.

Adam Clapp
CFO, Bron Tapes

Our timing with our new ERP was a godsend. We were able to continue working at 100% capacity thanks to ERP Advisors Group, and we do look forward to implementing it at our other locations in the future.

Robert York
CEO, National Livestock

ERP Advisors Group really understands the market that they’re in and the clients that they have. They’re very honest, high integrity people. They have no direct affiliation with any vendors and receive no kickbacks for any products they recommend. Whenever someone I know says they are looking for a new ERP system, I will always refer them to EAG. I honestly don't even know who else to refer them to at this point.

Lew Visscher
CFO, Catalyst Repository Systems

ERP Advisors Group helped us have confidence in the solutions they proposed to us. They have years of experience, and their staff are really good at managing the relationship of working with a client while also understanding the technical aspects of what an organization needs in terms of an ERP solution. EAG showed us they were good at both of those things, and they found the right solution for us.

Angela Schreffler
COO, Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

We heard about ERP Advisors Group through a number of different fire departments in the southern portion of the Denver Metro Area. One specific fire department was very happy with their new ERP system, so we chose to go with EAG as well. We’re very pleased with the product we found, and there’s a lot more that we can look forward to as we continue to use it and learn about all the features it has.

John Willson
Fire Chief, Louisville Fire Protection District

We were looking for an ERP consulting firm with a local presence. We also wanted a company that didn’t represent a specific ERP product or a shortlist of ERP products. ERP Advisors Group met all the criteria for us. They made their process easy to understand, gave the presentations that we needed to see, and asked the right questions. I’m confident we made the right decision with their help.

Bud Price
Director of IT, Brown Strauss, Inc.

We heard about ERP Advisors Group from one of our trusted company advisors. Going through an ERP implementation it can be transformative for your business, but it can also have a lot of potential pitfalls. Getting help from a company like ERP Advisors Group is really important to the success of your project.

Craig Jack
Executive VP, The KONG Company

Our consultant from ERP Advisors Group was easy to get along with. They have the background and experience to be able to talk to the owners of the company or a clerk on the front lines, and anywhere in between. If we had not worked with EAG, we wouldn’t have accomplished our goal of having ownership agree to update our software. We’d still just be talking about it.

Scott Lane
CIO, Beaver Street Fisheries

Our consultants at ERP Advisors Group were really easy to work with and very responsive throughout the project. Our implementation was completed on time and within budget, which was an amazing thing for me, and a testament to the fantastic project management from EAG. Even with our timeline, we didn’t rush through and get something that was only halfway there, we got a quality product. For me, it was a massively successful project.

Melissa Crogle
Knowledge Management Specialist, RMI
melissa-crogle copy
Karl Nicholls

I’m very happy to refer people to ERP Advisors Group. I really appreciate their integrity, and the fact that they are truly dedicated to making sure that your implementation is successful. ERP implementations are very stressful, and they can be very disruptive. It’s really nice to have someone like EAG championing your cause and making sure that your project is a success.

Karl Nicholls

As we lacked expertise in ERP implementation, we needed to recruit someone who knew the industry and knew how to navigate our options. When we made the decision to work with ERP Advisors Group, it was because we recognized the expertise that they would bring to our project.

Aaron Peavey
Rocky Mountain Fire
chelsea samot

The consultants at ERP Advisors Group are professional, easy to work with, responsive, and their skills are there 100%. I’ve worked with them a few times before, and I’ve had a terrific experience every time. They have helped us on every project, and I would absolutely recommend them to others looking to do an ERP implementation.

Chelsea Samot
Manager of Program Services, RMI

ERP Advisors Group was able to capture the vision that I had for our ERP project and implementation. They were able to fill in the gaps where we might have failed in the execution of our project, and that allowed us to really focus on what we were good at internally. All in all, our ERP implementation turned out really well thanks to ERP Advisors Group. It was a great partnership, and we successfully implemented an ERP solution that is providing benefits for the company.

Chris Carpenter
Director of IT, Epilog Laser
chris carpenter

I’ve worked with ERP Advisors Group on two different projects and it’s been a good relationship and a good fit for our company. I decided to hire them because I liked the ability to work with consultants who had no skin in the game on what we were selecting. By choosing ERP Advisors Group, we have been able to achieve our goals with the software we chose for our project.

Kevin Mann
VP Finance and Administration, Denver Rescue Mission

Going through an ERP implementation is a stressful, tense time and ERP Advisors Group was very helpful throughout the process. There doesn’t seem to be much that EAG can’t do for us. Although we weren’t used to updating software, ERP Advisors Group really helped get us as ready as we could be for the project.

Ryan Johansen
CFO, Producers Livestock