Client Testimonial: Brandon McNeil, Lightning eMotors

brandon mcneil lightning e motors

There were a number of challenges with our old software. The first was that we had outgrown it in terms of the number of available licenses we could have or the number of people that could be operating in the system at any given time. Also, our data set had gotten so large that it was bogging down the system regularly.

Then in terms of being able to do active material planning and resource planning inside the system, it was very limited. So, we had to do a lot of work outside of the system in spreadsheets and other means in order to properly plan material and production and all of that scheduling was done outside of that system.

The main things that we were looking for with the new system was that it would be scalable, that it would be able to handle what we are doing today but also grow with us over the coming years and that it would have a more robust feature set in terms of material and resource planning. We were on QuickBooks and then a QuickBooks add-on called Fishbowl. So, we switched from QuickBooks and Fishbowl to NetSuite.

Early in the process we wanted to be confident that we were selecting the right system and make sure that we were well-informed and that we’d take a look at all of the different options on the market. And from start to finish, I would say that was the biggest contribution from ERP Advisors Group. You guys really have that whole process dialed in. Identifying implementation partners, potential software packages, going through really detailed demos to understand how that software package is going to affect your business model, and then going through a selection process from there and making a choice. So, I think that’s your core business and that was obvious. That was really valuable.

I also think Quentin did an excellent job as a sort of outsourced project manager on the implementation side of things. He really did a nice job corralling us and kept the ball rolling. Quentin was excellent through the whole process and was able to give it a degree of attention that we didn’t have the bandwidth to do ourselves. We just wouldn’t have had the bandwidth here that Quentin was doing on the project management side of things.

I would certainly feel comfortable recommending ERP Advisors Group. I would definitely recommend you guys.

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