Client Testimonial: Eric Hanson, CFO, Lifeway Foods, Inc.


At one point in time, I considered sticking with our current software, but we knew we needed another partner to assist in the process. We made a short list of potential solutions, however, not having an idea how to assess them created a great risk. Ultimately, the more risk you layer on with every decision, your risk exponentially balloons. That is why we had to call somebody, and that’s why we called ERP Advisors Group.

It was a tremendous help to have ERP Advisors Group hold our hand through the needs analysis. They walked us through the steps of aggregating our needs, framing them, providing them in context, and pulling them together. It was helpful because it involved the broader organization and got people thinking about an ERP, what it needs to do, and what our current ERP isn’t doing. There is no way we could have done this ourselves – that’s why we engaged ERP Advisors Group because we realized doing it ourselves was not going to work.

When it came to the selection, the demo process was educational and involved the entire organization. The process not only showcased the software, but also outlined what we really needed, and it was extremely helpful. The biggest thing in my mind was ultimately sifting through all the available ERP options and funneling down to a small handful from which to actually dig into. It cut our number of options down and gave me peace of mind knowing that we ended up with the right selection. Had we done it ourselves, we probably would have come to a different conclusion that wouldn’t have been a great fit.

EAG was very helpful on the terms and conditions and just what it’s all about. Carly had great input when it came to the contract, and she provided support when we needed it. I would recommend ERP Advisors Group for those looking for help selecting a new ERP. It would not have happened without their help, so I’m very thankful for their team.


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