Why ERP Advisors Group

Once we partner with a company, we will do anything necessary to ensure their software project is a success. 100% of our clients’ implementations go live, which is unheard of in our industry and even among our competitors.

ERP Advisors Group only provides software advisory services. Our consultants only work on enterprise software selections and implementations. Therefore, they are experts in conducting software selections and know the pitfalls to avoid as they guide our clients to a successful go-live.

You will find our consultants care deeply about your project and are vested as much as you are in making it a success. Ultimately, we will do just about anything to make sure you are a success!

ERP Advisors Group made the Inc. 5000 for two years in a row as one of America's fastest-growing private companies.

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How We Started

erp-advisors-leadershipERP Advisors Group was founded by Shawn Windle in 2010. He helped develop the technology practice at the largest accounting firm in Denver from 2004 - 2010 by offering Needs Analysis and Selection projects. But Shawn saw that clients were struggling during their implementations, even though they selected the right software. The firm’s partners were too averse to the risk of losing tax and audit business from a risky implementation. Thus, ERP Advisors Group was born with the purpose to provide Client-Side Implementation Services.

We take responsibility for the decisions we help our clients make during the Selection phase by staying on for their implementation, ensuring they go live with their new software.

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Consultant Training


We use a precise Needs Analysis, Selection, and Implementation Project Management Methodology that is fully documented and part of our Consultant training lineup. Our consultants study the Theory behind delivering our projects and then complete a thorough Practical, which is overseen by a more senior consultant. They must produce deliverables during the Practical phase and get correction and re-trained as needed.  Once they complete the Practical, they take a test to become a Certified EAG Needs Analysis, Selection, or Client-Side Implementation Consultant.

No other advisory firm provides a training program and certification for Needs Analysis,  Selection, and Project Management for Implementations.

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Shawn Windle

Founder and Managing Principal

Erica Windle

Principal, Operations

Lydia Wischmeyer

Operations Manager

Natalie Blackman

Consulting Executive Assistant

Juliette Welch

Public Relations Manager

Quentin DeWitt

Director of Consulting

Curtis Wait

Principal Consultant

Nan Roecker

Principal Consultant

Robert Anderson

Senior Consultant

David A. Meyer

Senior Consultant

Brian Anderson

Senior Consultant

Paul Drda

Senior Consultant
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Karl Hudnut

Senior Consultant

Carly Shube

Senior Consultant

Grant Jones


Lauren Parmley


Micah Brands


Kaylee Bundrick

Project Coordinator

Dennis Braan

Technical Writer

Rebekah McCabe

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

Will Dutton

Digital Media Administrator

Jordan Buron

Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Sarah Kasprzyk

Sales Development Representative
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Upcoming Event

Lessons From the Trenches: An ERP Implementation Consultant's Year in Review

Thursday, December 15th @ 12:00 pm MST

The ever-changing ERP landscape guarantees that new obstacles will develop from year to year, increasing the already difficult jobs of CEOs, CFOs, and other executive leaders. Having an experienced ERP Consultant in your corner will make or break an ERP implementation. Our expert ERP Consultants will take inventory of the lessons learned throughout 2022 to prepare businesses looking to tackle and conquer an ERP implementation in 2023. This professional advice could, and most likely will, save the jobs of project managers around the world. To ensure the success of your next ERP implementation, learn from the experiences of seasoned ERP Consultants in this episode of The ERP Advisor.