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What ERP worries are keeping you up at night? Contact us to find out how an ERP advisor can mitigate your worst ERP fears!

When you contact ERP Advisors Group for a consultation, you will be greeted by an experienced member of the team who understands the reasons why CFOs, CIOs, Controllers and Directors of IT are considering new software. 

Your complimentary consultation can provide you guidance that you cannot find just by searching the internet.

What you can expect from your free consultation:

  • High-level cost information
  • Timing of selection and implementation
  • Introductions to technical resources
  • Realistic expectations 
  • Friendly advice
  • Overview of possible vendor shortlist
  • Honest feedback if your company really needs a consultant

Since ERP Advisors Group does NOT sell software, we are not like some high-pressure sales environments with heavy quotas.

While our consultants have Big 4 backgrounds, our methodology is geared for the mid-market. We consider ourselves your "friendly, neighborhood ERP advisors"!

You really have nothing to lose at all by having a free consultation. You have MUCH to gain that cannot be learned from software sales people or internet guides. Contact us for your Free Consultation!

Sometimes companies are truly too small for an ERP consultant. Our friendly sales team will happily provide technical introductions to other parties if you are not a good fit for our service. There are no kickbacks or commissions either. It is good will because our amazing vendors cannot win every Selection we bring them into, so it helps them to send a free lead now and then! But how can you ever get that insider information about who the great vendors are? You can get it on a free sales call with ERP Advisors Group!

Are you trying to find good candidates to participate in your RFP process? We encourage you to schedule a meeting! We prefer to meet any parties before we would agree to complete a lengthy RFP document. We want to make sure we are a good fit for your company or organization before investing the time in replying. It also helps you to find the best candidates by meeting them and seeing if you think they would be a good fit for you, too.

Questions to Ask An ERP Consultant

Our experienced and knowledgeable Sales staff have met with thousands of companies considering whether to change their ERP and whether they should hire an advisor to help them with the process. Here are some things to think about!