Client Testimonial: Mark Schreiber, CRKT


Our CFO Jeff Lunz found ERP Advisors Group. At the beginning of the search there were two or three similar companies that he was looking at and interviewing, and he decided to go with EAG.

We've been on our old software for a long time. And their on-premise version is what we were on. And it's served us well and we've built up a lot of stuff to work with it and make it do what we needed to do and all of that.

We knew we had to get to a more technologically current platform. We wanted to get to something that was in the cloud. And we knew there were options out there. It was the right time and we knew we were at a spot to take this on.

ERP Advisors Group helped us find a solution and provider that we would not have been able to find on our own. I feel like we wouldn’t have found the solution we’re going with without EAG, and I asked Jeff about that and he agreed with me. We would not have found the right solution.

We believe that there’s certain types of expertise that’s worth spending money on and this was certainly a case where we knew it was a significant and important decision that we had to make to run our business for years to come, so we wanted to make sure we got it right and we wanted to have somebody there to help us do that who had experience doing it.

One of the best things about working with Carly and Shawn on our project was that they were super organized and knew their stuff really well. You could tell when you were talking to them that they had that expertise and understanding. They certainly did a great job of keeping us on task, and that’s one of the challenges you run into with something like this is it might be really exciting when you get started and then it tends to drift. But they didn’t let that happen. This project was moving forward the whole time.

I also just felt like they really wanted to get in and understand our business. They weren’t just going to recommend something because it was popular. It really felt like the process was tailored to us and our needs. They were able to bring in a lot of insight. And certainly the way they set up the day-long demos and all that — again, I think that was huge to be able to go through those solutions. I think it was helpful having Shawn and Carly there as these people were pitching to us, because they knew that our consultants knew what they were talking about. The vendors weren’t going to be able to just throw out a few fancy words or show a nice screen. Shawn and Carly would ask questions that sent the message to vendors that they were experienced and knew what to look out for.

The communication has been great. And we feel really good about the platform that we’ve selected. The project has gotten started and we’re still going to get support from EAG as we go through the implementation.

I would feel comfortable passing EAG’s name along to another person or company who is looking to do a project like this.

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