Client Testimonial: Scott Lane, CIO at Beaver Street Fisheries


When we came to ERP Advisors Group, we were unique with our needs as we weren’t trying to solve any specific problems. What we needed was ownership of the organization to agree that it was time to update our software.

We had previously tried to do an implementation with another company, who told us we weren’t even ready to start attempting such a project. Then a colleague recommended we go to ERP Advisors Group instead. We needed a consultant who could do more than help us select an ERP system, we needed someone who could help us decide if we were even ready to have a conversation about changing our software.

ERP Advisors Group had a bit of a challenge with us, because it wasn’t just about the software, it was about change management. They had to help the ownership of the company make a decision about updating our software. Before we went to EAG some people in our company were questioning why there was a need to spend money on new software and why we couldn’t just continue to use the software we had.

The team at ERP Advisors Group helped us to finally get the agreement we needed to make a change. With their assistance, we made a short list down to a couple of products to choose from and that’s where our project ended. Everything went as planned and we got exactly what we needed. Every deliverable was delivered and for the money spent, it was well worth it.

Our consultant from ERP Advisors Group was easy to get along with and had the background and experience to be able to talk to the owners of the company or to a clerk on the front lines, and anywhere in between.

We had a very good rapport with ERP Advisors Group and our consultant. We appreciated that we were able to go to them with a particular budget, which wasn’t large, and they were still willing to work with us. We know that other consulting companies might have looked at that budget and said no, but not EAG.

If we had not worked with ERP Advisors Group, we wouldn’t have accomplished our goal of having ownership agree to update our software. We would not have found a partner and we would have never signed with NetSuite. We’d still just be talking about it.

By hiring ERP Advisors Group, people in our company were compelled to make a decision and they did. EAG was able to give our ownership the information they needed to decide on an update, and to do it quickly.

We are very happy with the service we received from ERP Advisors Group and we have already recommended them to others who are looking to do an update.

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