Retail and E-commerce

Resolving the software pain points in a retail business can span a large range of purchasing and selling channel-focused software solutions.

At their core, retailers must have an order management system. Customer service phone representatives, sales reps in the field, and internet customers all need to have insight into inventory availability.

The online store itself is a software puzzle that can take a bit of decoding — is it for consumers only? Other businesses? Channel partners, distributors, or some other combination, requiring different item catalogs with different prices and discounts across sales channels?

The ease with which an order can be entered or moved to fulfillment becomes a key point for automation as a retailer grows. And with so many channels and distribution points, purchasing and warehouse management software must elegantly tie into the software ecosystem.

ERP Advisors Group can help your retail company strategize and implement a roadmap for these types of software initiatives.