Client Testimonial: Ryan Vogt, Director of Business Systems, BOA Technology

Ryan Vogt Circle Icon

ERP Advisors Group helped match the culture and vibe of our company. One of our questions going into this was, “Can we find a partner that only works with an organization of our size?” because we don’t fit into a standard mold in terms of the way we operate. EAG really understood that. We just clicked and EAG worked well with us through that process.

We spent nearly two years knowing we wanted an ERP upgrade but wondering how to start and be certain we were going in the right direction. Asking the right questions and having EAG’s experience was helpful. Otherwise, we were going to be winging it on our own.

The biggest goal for our new software is to expand our capabilities. We have bits and pieces of software that perform different functions. Unfortunately, every time we have a new goal or a new capability we want to build out, we have to take six steps backward and are left wondering what the root cause of the problem was. Finding a platform of integrated data and systems will help us expand the company’s capabilities and prevent us from continually reinventing the wheel.

I would absolutely recommend ERP Advisors Group. Right out of the gate, I felt like EAG matched us very well in vibe, approach, and understanding of what we were trying to accomplish, and they were an easy-to-work-with, collaborative partner. We feel good about where we are going and are really excited to get into the nuts and bolts of this project with EAG.

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