Client Testimonial: Andy Katz, Director of IT, Komori America Corporation

Andy Katz Headshot

We found ERP Advisors Group by searching Google for an “ERP selection firm” and we immediately came across their website. After reading the testimonials on their page and doing some competitive research, we felt EAG could be the right advisor to help us with our project.

Leading up to this project, there were two main drivers that made it clear we needed a new ERP solution. One: our current software was not meeting the needs of the business; and two: our system has been in place for 15 years, and was outdated, and becoming counterproductive. There were also new lines of business we were pursuing that were difficult to manage using our existing software, and a more modern system could potentially help bring in more revenue in a much more productive manner. We knew we needed a more flexible and efficient system to meet our needs.

As part of our IT security roadmap, we’ve been actively migrating as many of our on-prem resources to the cloud as possible with our ERP system being the last major component to migrate. The future state is extremely important to us and our people, and we knew EAG would help us arrive at the best software solution.

EAG did a terrific job of including everyone and valuing their needs and wants. They went to each department and asked every member about their existing processes and what they would like to see change in our new ERP solution. We hadn’t done a company-wide discussion around our processes since the implementation of the current system, and it was eye-opening and very helpful to see this new perspective while receiving strong feedback to help us with our search.

We would strongly recommend ERP Advisors Group to anyone in the process of looking for new ERP software. Their interview process was well done, the slide decks they put together were extremely thorough, and the consultants were genuine working with us. They never came in with the expected “let me tell you how it is” mentality; instead, they approached us by saying, “I’m here to find out what you know from you. I’m here to listen to you.” There were no weird sales or fancy upselling - just valuable discussions and an abundance of transparency. In addition, their deliverables had all the information we could ever need during this process – it was impressive! The consultants were very detailed with notetaking, and had it not been documented to their high standards, we would have glossed over some key details without knowing. They held an extreme level of professionalism from start to finish and made this process smooth and enjoyable for our entire team.

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