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Avoiding ERP Implementation Failures

Thursday, December 14th @ 10:00 am MST

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Most ERP failures are rooted in poorly executed implementation methods, whether that be ill-prepared data migration plans, no defined success criteria, a lack of overall preparation, or any combination of these factors. ERP implementation failures, consequently, force businesses to accrue significant losses in time and money, which ultimately puts the business at greater risk. As a result, business leaders find themselves screaming into the void for guidance on managing these common pitfalls, and all too often, their pleas are met with confusing ERP jargon and finger-pointing. In this episode of the ERP Advisor, Shawn Windle addresses the common culprits of failed ERP implementations while uncovering the best practices to ensure businesses achieve real value with their new ERPs.

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What to REALLY Expect Before, During, and After Your ERP Go-Live

Thursday, December 14th @ 12:00 pm MST

After all your hard work during your ERP implementation, you’re now ready to flip the switch. But how do you really know you’re ready to cutover and successfully go-live with your new ERP? And what benefits should you expect right after go-live? In this episode of the ERP Advisor, Shawn Windle breaks down what to really expect before, during, and after your go-live cutover.

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ERP Trends and Predictions Part 1: Year in Review

Wednesday, January 10th @ 12:00 pm MST

The ERP space is vastly changing as vendors continuously improve their software solutions and the platforms on which they offer them. There was no shortage of innovation in the world of ERP in 2023 whether it was new tools, improvements to AI, or platform upgrades. In this episode of The ERP Advisor, ERP expert, Shawn Windle, and industry analyst, Rebekah McCabe, highlight the past year of ERP by evaluating major headlines, market trends, and exciting innovations that emerged in 2023.

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2023 ERP Trends & Predictions Part 2: Predictions

Thursday, January 11th @ 12:00 pm MST

After reviewing the biggest ERP headlines and advancements of 2023, it is time to evaluate where ERP is going in 2024. With AI and industry-specific enhancements, along with major technology innovations, these and many other ERP forces are set to converge, which will dramatically benefit customers in ways we cannot even imagine in 2024. But how will the ERP vendors really enhance their products to achieve this vision? And how will their strategies compare to 2023? In this special episode of The ERP Advisor, Shawn Windle & Rebekah McCabe make their ERP market predictions for 2024, and how these trends could impact your business.

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