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ERP Implementation Case Study Series: Recovering from a Failed ERP Implementation

Thursday, July 17th @ 12:00 pm MDT

One of the worst things that can happen to a business is falling victim to a failed ERP implementation. After months of preparation and extensive resources spent on transforming the business, it is disheartening, and costly, for the efforts to have been for nothing. Ultimately, business leaders find themselves in despair, questioning, “Is there any way to recover from a failed ERP implementation?” We are here to tell you that there is hope. Join ERP expert, Shawn Windle, as he explores case studies of clients who came to us after a failed ERP implementation and how we were able to lead them to a successful go-live.

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How to Staff Your ERP Implementation

Thursday, August 15th @ 12:00 pm MDT

ERP implementation success depends on the resources available to ensure the project goes off without a hitch. However, it can be impractical to pull people away from their day jobs to devote 20+ hours to ERP efforts. Is it possible for a business to staff its ERP implementation for success without sacrificing normal business operations? And how can they keep resources engaged throughout the entire process? Join ERP Advisors Group on August 15th where Shawn Windle will divulge the secrets to staffing your ERP implementation for success, without compromising business as usual.

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