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Introduction to ERP Systems

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Thursday, March 7th @ 12:00 pm MST

Confused about what an ERP system is, how to buy it, and from whom, or what you truly need for a complete ERP implementation? You may think you know all the answers to these questions, but if you’re like thousands of CFOs, Controllers, and other Accounting Professionals that we talk to each year, you are likely missing key pieces of the puzzle. In this episode of The ERP Advisor, Shawn Windle will provide a crash course on the basics of ERP systems and highlight the value the right system can provide to your business.

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ERP Implementation Case Study Series: Mid-Sized Food & Beverage Companies

Thursday, March 21st @ 12:00 pm MDT

A food and beverage company juggles unique business requirements such as health and safety, regulatory compliance, food quality, and labeling which are complicated to implement. However, legacy applications usually fail to meet all these important needs for mid-sized companies. While the food industry giants tend to rely on a handful of Tier 1 ERPs, what is a mid-market food manufacturer or distributor supposed to do when they have outgrown their legacy software? In this episode of The ERP Advisor, Shawn Windle reviews ERP case studies for mid-sized food and beverage companies and the common success factors for migrating to new food and beverage ERPs.

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