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ERP Implementation Case Study Series: Private Equity Platform Companies

Thursday, April 18th @ 12:00 pm MDT

Private equity-backed companies implementing a platform strategy can face complexities when selecting a single ERP. How can Private Equity firms define the best ERP strategy for their portfolio companies? And how can they overcome the barriers to a successful implementation, especially when migrating two or more companies into a new ERP simultaneously? In this episode of The ERP Advisor, Shawn Windle reviews real case studies from our PE client experiences and the successful practices that helped each achieve a successful go-live.

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ERP Implementation Case Study Series: Manufacturers

Thursday, May 2nd @ 12:00 pm MDT

Many Manufacturers are now offering adjacent services to their core manufacturing activities, whether through acquisitions or internal expansion. When manufacturers break into these adjacent services, it forces them to identify and develop an ERP strategy that will meet their requirements for new processes that lie outside the manufacturing lifecycle. But how can a manufacturer ensure their new business needs are met while maintaining the integrity of their manufacturing processes? In this episode of The ERP Advisor, Shawn Windle will review case studies for unique manufacturers and how they successfully managed their business requirements and expanded into adjacent services.

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ERP Implementation Case Study Series: Construction & Field Service Companies

Thursday, June 6th @ 12:00 pm MDT

Growing construction and field service companies rely on disparate, specialized best-of-breed tools to run their businesses. Unlike other industries, there is not an obvious software solution to eliminate disjointed processes, making a selection difficult. Once selected, deploying solutions for projects, jobs, services, and other industry-specific requirements is the next challenge. But how can construction and service companies meet their needs while navigating complicated ERP implementations and data migrations? In this episode of The ERP Advisor, Shawn Windle reviews case studies for construction and field service companies to evaluate the best practices that helped them reach a successful ERP go-live.

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