Client Testimonial: Kevin Mulligan, VP of IT, Sherwood Lumber Corp.


Since ERP is the foundation on which our company runs, we needed to make the right decision. We needed a trusted guide, like ERP Advisors Group, to point out where the potholes were and where the snakes were hiding in the grass. This project was too important for us to do on our own, so having EAG’s guidance was what we needed.

The needs analysis gave us confidence in our selection and helped us have an objective third party validate what we felt we already knew – which was we needed a new ERP. EAG also explained what our different options were before went into our vendor selection phase.

Our selection went incredibly well. I have nothing but overwhelmingly good things to say about Carly and Quentin – they’re extremely capable. They managed every aspect of the project, assisted with negotiations, and educated us on the pros and cons of the different options. It was just phenomenal.

We were able to learn about new partners and solutions that we wouldn’t have otherwise thanks to EAG. ERP Advisors Group undoubtedly knew which levers could be pulled and which couldn’t, and they were able to advise us best based on their experience with what others have selected in the past. After going through several demos, we realized the more polished demos did not necessarily equate to a better solution. But we were able to navigate through that with EAG’s help to identify the best solution for Sherwood.

ERP Advisors group was extremely pleasant to work with, and I would absolutely recommend them to my colleagues. We got the work done and were able to smile while doing it. It was a win-win all around. In fact, I was sad when the vendor selection process was over because I had to say goodbye to Carly and Amelia. That’s how much I enjoyed their help and those meetings with them.

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