Bron Tapes: A Case Study for New ERP

Discover how EAG partnered with Bron Tapes for a successful ERP initiative from Needs Analysis, Selection, Implementation, and Optimization.

Who is Bron Tapes?


Bron Tapes is the premier producer, converter, and distributor of pressure-sensitive tapes, adhesives, and innovative solutions in North America. With over 40 years of experience, along with 10 production and distribution centers across the country, they stand ready to help their customers find a solution for every application.

Bron Tapes' ERP Advisor

Quentin Dewitt is Bron Tapes' Director and EAG's Director of Consulting. 
The EAG team conducted a needs analysis across Bron Tapes, paying particular attention to manual processes that can slow down production. Our methodology ensures that issues and challenges are identified to build consensus as the team continues into the Selection and Implementation phases.
EAG consults with our clients to ensure they understand their true needs for new technology solutions and then ensures our client is absolutely certain they select the best vendor and implementation partner. Having a knowledgeable, experienced advisor throughout the Needs Analysis, Selection, and Implementation phases contributes to a successful deployment and adoption of the new software at go-live. 

Needs Analysis

ERPs are an expensive, time-consuming investment, so it is essential that companies know exactly what they need before stepping into the selection phase. The Needs Assessment process takes a deep dive into the operations of a business to provide the framework for any potential upgrade or change. Bron Tapes found their legacy software was larger and more complex than necessary, so it was taking away from the overall value it could provide. ERP Advisors Group established a firm business case for new ERP including a favorable cost-benefit analysis before starting their ERP Selection.

ERP Selection

The Selection process can be daunting, as the potential risk associated with implementing the wrong ERP can drive businesses away from change altogether. With the help of their independent consultants at EAG, Bron Tapes could focus on formulating questions and concerns for implementation partners, while EAG's white-glove selection process handled all logistics for RFI creation, vendor vetting, demonstrations, and contract negotiations. With a strong team behind them, Bron Tapes could take the guesswork out of the Selection Phase.

Client-Side Implementation

Many Implementations fail when the client's team is unable to articulate answers to their implementation partner, needs for requirements design, or are too busy with their day job to focus on any myriad of implementation tasks.  For that reason, Bron Tapes relied on EAG's client-side implementation advisors for expert project management, change management, and data migration assistance to go-live successfully.




Go Live and Implementation

Disruption to operations can still continue after a successful go-live, because of the myriad of optimizations that users need to perform their job. After the software has launched, users get used to normal tasks in the new software but soon identify missing functionality they need for key reports, searches, and workflows to streamline their work. 

Bron Tapes has continued to work closely with EAG to close out work order tickets across their branches and optimize their ERP functionality. Bron Tapes and EAG developed a partnership that continues to advise Bron on maximizing their investment in their ERP platform.

Why EAG?

Having a consultant can be essential to the success of your ERP project through each phase, but having the right consultant can take you beyond simply a successful go-live. 

ERP Advisors Group provides an independent approach, so clients know their recommendations are not blurred by hidden compensation mechanisms. EAG's goal is to find the best ERP for your business, without commissions, kickbacks, or incentives, ultimately making them the world's most trusted advisor.

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