Client Testimonial: John Willson, Louisville Fire

John Willson is the Fire Chief for the Louisville Fire Protection District in Colorado.

How Did You Hear About ERP Advisors Group?

We heard about ERP Advisors Group through a number of different fire departments in the southern portion of the Denver Metro Area. One of the specific fire departments was South Metro Fire Protection District. They were very pleased with their new RMS system, so we chose to go with EAG also.

What is an RMS System?

The RMS stands for record management system, so that incorporates all of our human resource needs, our employee's payroll, benefits, vacations, all those items. But also we were looking for a robust system that we could do our reports on, both Fire and Emergency Medical and hazmat and everything that we do. They also have a number of items that are coming online: fire inspections, fire preplan, all those items that we use to make sure that our crews are ready for the large one that occurs. We have all the information about buildings ahead of time and so there are a number of items that the new RMS system provides us today.

What Services Did ERP Advisors Group Provide for Louisville?

What they did is they came in and looked out what we had today what we currently were using and then did an analysis of what we needed in the future. From there then they reached out and interviewed other companies, other RMS systems out there. They brought those companies in to do a demo and then from there we all gathered up, took their recommendation along with our recommendation and went forward. After that, then we continued using ERP Advisors for the implementation of the program itself.

What Were Your Goals and Objectives for the New RMS System?

Our goals and objectives for doing an ERP implementation were to have a robust system that we could use in the future and also satisfy all the state and national requirements down the road. So far, we're very pleased with the product we found with ERP Advisors Group, and there's a lot more that we can look forward to as we continue to use it and learn about all the features it has.

How Did ERP Advisors Group Help You Achieve Those Goals?

We're a very small department and we didn't have enough manpower and personnel to reach out and do all the research and interview the companies that we wanted to interview. ERP Advisors Group came in and looked at what we were using at that time and did an analysis of what we needed in the future. From there they interviewed companies with the type of system we needed. EAG brought those companies in to do a demo and then we took the recommendation from EAG, along with our recommendation, and moved forward with our decision.

How Does The New Software Contribute to Public Safety?

Once we chose the new software, we continued using ERP Advisors Group for the implementation of the program itself. The new software contributes to public safety by helping us with is all the analysis, figuring out where most of the incidents are occurring, and letting us know how quickly we can get on scene and start saving people's lives through our medical services. It also helps us do inspections to make sure that buildings are safe. It provides information that we can give to citizens or to a board of directors to give them a very clear view of how we do things and why we do things.

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