Client Testimonial: Dan Luzietti, CFO, Hercules Industries


Our journey began with the question, “Where do we start?” because we needed to have somebody who knew what they were doing. We built our own RFP process to search for consultants to help with the first steps, and that’s what led us to ERP Advisors Group.

What stood out with ERP Advisors group was twofold. First was the intimate expertise. Not only did they know what they were talking about, but they had the battle scars that shared both the glamorous and the nitty gritty. It was refreshing to hear and helped set our expectations. Second was that everyone spoke very, very highly of EAG – especially companies within our industry. So, it was a no-brainer to go with them from the start. 

I’m unsure if we would have found our new solution on our own, but EAG made two things easier for us. One was that EAG was able to help with the timing of it. To have EAG guide us through the needs and selection analyses was extremely helpful. Had we done it ourselves, it would have taken double the time. EAG also helped us vet our solutions. There were a lot of leading questions that led to the true insight into our needs, and Carly and Quentin’s participation in the demos by asking those real questions simplified the selection for us. We were very well prepared to find the right solution, which is a huge benefit, especially because we want to solve a lot with our new software. Our current software had become a rate-limiting step of growth, and we were looking to remove those barriers to take advantage of the growth opportunities out there. 

I would highly recommend ERP Advisors Group to help with the needs and selection analyses when looking for a new ERP. It meant a lot to talk to people who walk their walk, and that’s exactly what they do. We were very satisfied with how things went, and we’re confident in the solution we chose because of it

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