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ERP Advisors Group became one of the world's most trusted enterprise software advisory firms because our consultants have been fully independent and objective from the beginning.

Our ERP selection consultants don't sell software or take commissions from vendors. They focus on finding the right solution for your unique needs.

Our independent ERP implementation consultants provide expert client-side guidance and technical oversight with unparalleled transparency, including requirements confirmation, guide testing efforts, change management and mitigations, and cutover planning.

While many implementations fail, our ERP consultants ensure that our clients go live using our proven methodology.



Shawn Windle, Founder and Managing Principal
Founder and Managing Principal
Curtis Wait, Principal Consultant
Curtis Wait
Principal Consultant
Joseph Malil, Principal Consultant
Joseph Malil
Principal Consultant
Quentin DeWitt, Director of Consulting
Quentin DeWitt
Director of Consulting
Robert Anderson, Senior Consultant
Robert Anderson
Senior Consultant
David A. Meyer, Senior Consultant
David A. Meyer
Senior Consultant
Brian Anderson, Senior Consultant
Brian Anderson
Senior Consultant
Carly Shube, Consultant
Carly Shube
Cara Plahuta, Project Administrator
Cara Plahuta
Project Administrator
Dennis Braan, Technical Writer
Dennis Braan
Technical Writer
Expert ERP Consultants

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