Client Testimonial: Dillon Miskimins, CFO

My name's Dillon Miskimins. I'm the Chief Financial Officer for South Metro Fire Rescue which is a fire protection district that protects roughly 198 square miles and roughly 220,000 residents in Douglas and Arapahoe County.

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How has ERP Advisors Group supported your software initiatives?

We've hired ERP Advisors Group for a variety of projects including selection of software, they've created some business process workflows for us and then implementation of some of the software that they helped us select and also negotiated some of the contracts with the software vendors.

What were your project goals and objectives?

ERP Advisors Group selected and then helped us implement our new HRIS and payroll software. Some of the goals of that project were to first select and then successfully implement an HRIS and payroll software that would meet all of our stakeholder's needs and also scale with us as an organization as we grew. In that particular project, ERP first met with all of the various stakeholders and interviewed them to do a needs assessment for a variety of different areas: finance, payroll, human resources, operations etc. And gathered all of the needs and wishes and aspirations for the HRIS and payroll software and then they took the information that they learned from that and went out to the marketplace and found a variety of vendors that met those needs for us. They narrowed that down for us as an organization. They completely managed the RFP process and all of the logistical things that go on with that process and ultimately advised us and helped us as an organization select the right software for us. And then during implementation of that software, ERP provided us a fantastic project manager who made sure that the progress was met or that we continually made progress on that project. I think maybe most valuable was a gap or a bridge between our internal team and the software vendors implementation team. Again that just helped the project stay on track.

How has the new software helped at South Metro Fire Rescue?

So our new our new HRIS software and payroll software has dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes to process payroll every two weeks. Reporting capabilities are much better. We now have the data to make much more informed decisions that were so desperately needed. We also streamlined several processes that were, prior to the software solution, were manuals processes. So everything from recruitment, posting jobs, to new employee orientation or open enrollments, is now streamlined and all done electronically rather than through manual processes.

What have been the biggest impact areas in the organization?

Employees and management now have data at their fingertips around all of these various employee metrics. Employees can clock-in or punch-in with a mobile app out in the field. And the mobile app, in general, is something you know that is new and it has enhanced our organization. I think most importantly as we've seen some growth in our organization, we now have a software solution that can accommodate that growth and scale as we continue to grow.

What was the most rewarding part of your relationship with ERP Advisors Group?

The partnership with ERP Advisors was great for an organization like ours and our size where we weren't staffed to manage an implementation project like this. So ERP Advisors brought in professionals that were able to help us manage and work through an implementation of a pretty significant software change and act like a member of our team and like I said before can bridge that gap between our internal team and the vendor's implementation team and they did that very very well.

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