Client Testimonial: Engineer to Order Manufacturer, IT Director


We knew we needed to make a software change, so we started with a bit of Google searching and YouTube videos. In the very beginning, we ran across a different consulting company and after watching those videos and reviewing the content we found, we realized that we needed a consultant. At the time, we wanted to look at a couple of different companies to ensure we had an accurate assessment of our situation because this was all new to us and we have seen many businesses get burned during implementations, making us wary. During this research, we came across ERP Advisors Group and things went from there.

Overall, these types of projects are expensive, major investments, so we wanted to make sure we were doing it right from the start. This is a project that has been on our company’s radar for some time, but it had not previously gotten off the ground. We knew we needed to do our due diligence and take our time making decisions because we went in with idea that we were only taking one shot at this. We needed an expert to ensure we were accurately evaluating our options instead of trying to online shop for the right product. EAG enabled us to do everything we could to make our project a success. I think the process was great and went way better than we could have ever expected; although, we really did not know what to expect at the time.

By going through the needs analysis with ERP Advisors Group, we were able to get a feel for what was going on and it became abundantly clear to us why we started this journey in the first place. A number of reasons had previously emerged supporting our need to upgrade. Our old system was implemented such a long time ago to solve a very specific problem, making it no longer relevant to how we operate and the whole thing seemed to be falling apart. Its operations were built around very specific people who had adopted workarounds or discovered all intricacies of the system. Still, over the years, our workforce has changed and grown in a way that renders the system obsolete. Aside from that, it was such a small application that we had simply outgrown its capabilities on top of our growing number of departments each with unique requirements. Because of those problems, employees are looking to our IT team to meet their needs. We knew we ultimately needed to upgrade our software, so for us, the needs analysis was more about uncovering things we had not previously considered, which will help us as we move into the selection phase.

We chose EAG for two significant reasons. The first was their ability to understand our business quickly and effectively, without constantly needing recaps. We are not just another number to them; they truly understand what we do and what we need. EAG easily deciphered what our people were saying and adapted quickly to how we communicated, further exemplifying their expertise. The second reason revolved around cultural fit, which was important to our team, and we feel comfortable working with ERP Advisors Group and clearly see their desire to help us solve our problems. The process has felt transparent and genuine.

I will definitely recommend EAG if the opportunity ever arises.

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