Client Testimonial: Verena Angermair, Global Project Manager



Organizational changes in our company led us to address the need for new software. A colleague referred us to ERP Advisors Group, and my experience has been very positive so far.  


We haven’t had a normal partnership with ERP Advisors Group because we started working with them late in the process. When Shawn and Carly entered the project, we had already finalized the RFP by following our internal processes. Because of this, our relationship has been more like a mentorship with Shawn supporting and coaching me through the process as opposed to a full project management role. I was doing everything on my own before I found ERP Advisors Group, and I am still internally leading the project, but whenever I need support, I can go to Shawn and he’s there to offer advice and support. When it comes to things like offer negotiations, Shawn and Carly have been helping guide me there as well. They’ve also provided me with many different templates which I appreciate so much.


We’ve had hiccups from a contractual standpoint because we are both a German and U.S. company, creating the need for various legal considerations. ERP Advisors Group was very flexible in adjusting the contract terms. They are very professional and on top of things and the speed at which they are able to work is great. Anytime I reach out, I instantly get a response and can easily set up a meeting, which is very helpful. I have learned a lot working together with Shawn and Carly.  


I personally can recommend partnering with ERP Advisors Group.


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About ERP Advisors Group


ERP Advisors Group only provides software advisory services. Our consultants only work on enterprise software selections and implementations. Therefore, they are experts in conducting software selections and know the pitfalls to avoid as they guide our clients to a successful go-live. You will find our consultants care deeply about your project and are vested as much as you are in making it a success. Ultimately, we will do just about anything to make sure you are a success!

ERP Advisors Group was founded by Shawn Windle in 2010. He helped develop the technology practice at the largest accounting firm in Denver from 2004 - 2010 by offering Needs Analysis and Selection projects. But Shawn saw that clients were struggling during their implementations, even though they selected the right software. The firm’s partners were too averse to the risk of losing tax and audit business from a risky implementation. Thus, ERP Advisors Group was born with the purpose to provide Client-Side Implementation Services.

We take responsibility for the decisions we help our clients make during the Selection phase by staying on for their implementation, ensuring they go live with their new software.

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