ERP Selection

Buying Enterprise Software is expensive and risky. Why try to become an ERP expert in your spare time when our experts can do it for you?


We will quickly narrow the field to just a handful of the best-fit vendors and document why you should not evaluate the eliminated vendors.


White-Glove Service

We do all of the selection tasks necessary, saving you countless hours of contacting vendors, pulling together requirements documents, analyzing RFI responses, scheduling demos, compiling scorecards, etc.


Contracts Negotiation

We provide Contracts Review for all of your software and professional services terms and conditions, providing our feedback for the best overall package. This step alone usually saves you our fees.

Our Proven Go Live Process

100% of our clients go live using our proven methodology

  • Handle all communications with vendors so you do not have to
  • Request for Information document that contains your Unique Business Requirements
  • Demonstration scripts
  • Facilitate multiple demonstrations to ensure vendors show you only what you need to see
  • Facilitate your selection team’s final decision based on objective data collected during the selection
  • Perform negotiations on software and services contracts to ensure you get the best deal possible and are protected with terms and conditions that work in your favor
  • Begin planning for your implementation
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We now have a modern, robust system rather than a highly customized, legacy system that was slowly headed towards obsolescence, thanks to ERP Advisors Group.

Ryan Secrist, President

Brown-Strauss Steel

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