Client Testimonial: Ryan Johansen, CFO at Producers Livestock


Before we reached out to ERP Advisors Group, we were using very antiquated software for our accounting system. It was custom-built for our co-op back in the late 60s — that’s how old it was. There were a few enhancements to the system over the years, but it still used green bar paper and it wasn’t very intuitive or consistent among our branches.

We weren’t used to updating software, given that the last time had been in the late 60s, so it was a big undertaking. But everybody did very well, and I think ERP Advisors Group really helped get us as ready as we could be for the project.

We were looking for something that could add some consistency, bring our system up to date, be more paperless, and give us more accessibility. We looked at a few different options and found that NetSuite was going to be our best bet, and we’ve been very happy with our choice.

The biggest selling point for ERP Advisors Group that we found is the consultant who worked with us on the day-to-day items to get us through the project. There doesn’t seem to be much that the system or our ERP consultant can’t do for us. Even though he was probably spread out over a few different projects, he was always able to get things done in the way we needed. He served us well and that’s been really helpful for us.

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The new software met our needs and expectations and has solved the problems we needed it to solve. In fact, on a recent project I appreciated how much easier it was to be able to just go in and drill down on a specific piece of data instead of flipping through papers. There’s no doubt it’s a powerful system and works great, we’re impressed with all the features it has.

The feedback we have gotten from our branches and end users is that they are happy with the new system as well. It’s added a lot of consistency and additional checks and balances we didn’t have previously, so we’re very pleased with the product.

Going through an ERP implementation is a stressful, tense time, and ERP Advisors Group was very helpful throughout the process. We have already recommended EAG to another agricultural tech group and when they’re ready to start their own implementation, I’m sure they’ll be giving the consultants at ERP Advisors Group a call.

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