ERP Implementation

Many ERP implementations fail — you need a plan to ensure yours doesn’t. Our Technical Project Managers cover the tasks that you thought the implementation partner would perform … but don’t. And we perform the tasks the implementation partner expects from your team, but they don't have the time or know-how to do.

Client Advocacy

We advocate for your best interests, ensuring your project budget, scope and deadlines are kept at the forefront by your implementation team.


Technical Oversight

Seasoned veterans tackle the most difficult parts of your implementation. We solve the unexpected problems and manage your data migration, customizations and integrations, which are the riskiest parts of any implementation.


Project Transparency

Our Project Managers work against your deadlines and budgets using a full suite of project monitoring tools, ensuring your project team cooperates closely with the implementation partner. They also forecast and provide solutions to any foreseeable risks by always being a few steps ahead in the Project Plan.

Our Proven Go Live Process

100% of our clients go live using our proven methodology


  • Resource Coordination
  • Implementation Team Training
  • Data Migration Planning
  • Integration Planning


  • Go-Live Issues Tracking and Resolution
  • Manage and Perform Ongoing Enhancements
  • Provide Ongoing Support
  • Coordinate Subsequent Implementation Phases


  • Project and Budget Oversight
  • Requirements Confirmation
  • Design Validation
  • Technical Review
  • Guide Testing Efforts
  • Change Management and Mitigations
  • Training Planning and Execution
  • Cutover Planning

Data Migration

  • Identify Data Sources
  • Perform Data Cleansing
  • Extract Source Data
  • Transform to New ERP Format
  • Load into Target System
  • Review Data with Stakeholders
  • Assist with Cutover Activities
  • Document Data Mapping

Our timing with NetSuite was a Godsend. We were able to continue working at 100% capacity thanks to ERP Advisors Group, and we do look forward to implementing NetSuite at our other locations in the future.


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