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Businesses going through an ERP implementation are often surprised that neither the software vendor nor implementation partner are responsible for cleaning or transforming their data.  Rather, you must provide your data in a usable form, or else you risk failing to go live with your new ERP software.

Data Migration Process

Data Migration is the dirty little secret of ERP implementations -- it is the most overlooked aspect of a successful project. But without clean, accurate data, your new ERP system will be worthless.

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Your Data is the Foundation of Your Business

In a data migration project, the client is normally responsible for the following activities


Data Extraction

Data across all legacy systems must be extracted. Our data experts regularly extract data from legacy ERPs, main frames, green screens including AS/400 systems.  Once extracted, your consultant will review all tables and records with you to assess your data needs for the new system versus what can be discarded. We will help you identify all entities, master records, open transactions, historical detail and trial balance requirements.

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Data Mapping

Before we can map your existing data to the new ERP template, our team will clean and deduplicate your data with automated scripts and tools. Then they will create cross reference tables to match records from your old software to the new ERP template.  Finally, our tools and scripts will automate the transformation of your old data into the new ERP format which saves unimaginable time when fixing errors during loading and data validation.

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Data Loading

Our Data Consultants will upload your data into your new ERP at various points during your implementation which helps you identify errors and fix problems early on.  Holding “data dress rehearsals” prevents a host of problems from occurring during cutover, paving the way for a smooth go-live. 


Dedicated Data Migration Team

ERP Advisors Group assigns a highly trained expert in data migration as your Technical Lead for your data migration project. The Technical Lead works in conjunction with Data Migration Specialists to assess the following:

  • Identify legacy systems and the source database(s) containing the data to be migrated
  • Compile an initial list of the configuration files to be migrated
  • Create a sample of the analysis tables of your company's source data
  • Gather any known business rules already in place which will impact the data migration work
  • Create an analysis of the quality of data
  • Identify the master records, open transactions, historical detail and trial balances which are in scope for the full execution of all data migration tasks
  • Estimate the effort involved in performing the test loads into the target system
  • Facilitate discussions about risks and offer alternatives to migrating excessive amounts of historical detailed transactions

Once your Data Migration Consultants complete their analysis and understand the condition of your data and the scope of what you need, they will recommend the amount of time needed to complete all data migration activities, including providing full support during your ERP go-live. We will also provide a Technical Document which memorializes your data decisions to the correct degree of detail your team needs.

ERP Advisors Group’s expertise in data manipulation and consolidation was excellent. I did not always know the answers, but they would provide prototype files and clarify the information and structure being reviewed. They guided us rather than us having to evaluate and digest the extensive information ourselves. I would recommend ERP Advisors Group; in fact, I have already done so at some vendor conventions.

Ron Ridgway

Compressor Controls Corporation

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