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Do you want to have a job in technology where you can really make a difference for your client’s outcomes? Find out how becoming an ERP Advisor is an exciting way to work with many successful companies on their most risky endeavor — their ERP project.

Why EAG?


ERP Advisors Group is one of the country’s top independent software advisory firms.

We have been listed as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing, privately-held company for two years in a row, and we are continuing to grow. 

Billions of dollars are spent on ERP projects every year. Yet some are destined to fail. 

ERP Advisors Group’s clients are 100% successful. We take responsibility for the inherent risks and guide our clients to success, beginning with needs analysis, followed by a diligent selection process, and finally through a successful implementation

Find out directly from EAG’ers what it is like to work here:


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Training and Certification


ERP Advisors Group has a proven methodology for guiding our clients to success. To ensure that each of our consultants upholds the EAG standard for results, we have established the first-ever training program for becoming a certified consultant with ERP Advisors Group. 


We train our consultants on the theory of how we do:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Selection
  • Client-Side Implementation Services



Anyone selected for an ERP consultant job will learn the theory behind what we do, then train under a certified consultant and learn to create each deliverable according to our proven methodology. They get real-time experience as a trainee and real-time correction as they work toward ultimately achieving perfection in creating our deliverables.


Each consultant is tested on their knowledge after completing the theory and practical. They do not pass until they achieve a 100% passing standard. Only then do they receive the designation of a “Certified EAG Consultant.”


No other ERP advisory firm anywhere trains, corrects, and certifies its consultants.


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Certified EAG Consultants


Principal Consultant

Our Principal Consultants became ERP Advisors because they:

  • Wanted to make a difference in their clients' projects
  • Were tired of being pigeon-holed into one brand of technology
  • Disliked being staffed on too many projects to be successful at any of them
  • Wanted to work in a variety of industries
  • Wanted to help clients whose businesses are making a difference in the world.


Think an ERP consulting job sounds like a cool new career but worried that you don't know much about ERP? Don’t worry, we will train people to become an ERP Advisor! We are hiring intelligent people who have a strong foundation in professional services, excellent communication skills, and proven professionalism in prior roles.

Anyone who is changing careers must start as a consultant, whether they are currently a Controller, an IT Manager, or other more senior professional. Therefore, this role is best suited for someone who is 2–4 years out of college.

You will apprentice under the most trusted and knowledgeable ERP Advisors on the planet, and within 1–2 years, you can become a Senior Consultant who leads our selection projects and interfaces with our clients and vendors.

You will never get bored at EAG because we work across industries, brands of software, and types of software.

Client-Side Implementation Project Manager

If you are already well-versed in the tools of running software implementations, you may qualify to become an EAG client-side implementation project manager.

Our client-side project managers facilitate every stage of our clients’ ERP implementations. While you must already have experience managing and implementing software, we will train you in the specifics of implementing ERP systems and software.

ERP implementations have unique challenges that are distinct from the software development lifecycle, including:

  • Data migration
  • Integrations
  • Change management
  • Vendor management
  • Client management
  • Budget oversight

Our client-side project managers come to ERP Advisors Group because they want to be an advocate for the clients’ interests, which are distinct from running the developers and software configuration. All that “admin” that project managers don’t get to do at other companies, well, at EAG, that IS the project, and you get to do what is right for the client!

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Administrative Roles

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We periodically have openings for administrative positions to support our consultants.

Inquire if we have openings for:

  • Human resources
  • Sales
  • Project administration
  • Public relations

Our roles have varying levels of seniority, depending on our needs.

  • College internship
  • Analyst
  • Manager
  • Director

Find out if you qualify!

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Our company culture encourages a high level of production to foster individual and group morale.

Ethical behavior and good statistics are rewarded! Toxic, disruptive, and dramatic behaviors are not tolerated. In that way, EAG’s work environment is a safe haven for people who like to do their job in a drama-free workplace and like to be recognized for a job well done — whether through commendations, positive performance reviews, bonuses, raises, or promotions!

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We require our ERP consultants to have a minimum of 1–2 years of relevant professional services experience across industries, within enterprise software, in client-facing roles, and in creating high-quality client documents.

  • Minimum two years of Big 4 accounting experience OR two years comparable professional services or consulting experience
  • Proven strong communication and document creation skills
  • Experience with software or implementations a plus


Principal Consultant

More experienced ERP consultants that have advised clients on their enterprise software projects across multiple industries and brands of software over many years and with a proven ability to lead projects will qualify as a Principal Consultant.  

  • ERP Selection Experience
  • ERP Business Case Experience
  • Familiarization with variety of ERP systems and vendors
  • Can create high quality deliverables
  • Lead client executive meetings with successful outcomes
  • First-hand knowledge of how software companies sell software versus services
  • Cross-industry experience in many industries, such as professional services, manufacturing, software, and wholesale distribution
  • Prefer experience negotiating software contracts
  • Big 4 experience preferred
  • Experience managing resources

Client-Side Implementation Project Manager

If you have solid experience as a Project Manager for ERP or software development projects, you may qualify to become a Client-Side Implementation Project Manager.  These are the key duties:

  • Coordinate, schedule, and run meetings
  • Create weekly status reports
  • Develop and maintain project monitoring tools
  • Data plan
  • Integration plan
  • Change management plan
  • Communication plan
  • Work plan
  • Action log
  • User acceptance training log
  • Decision records
  • Training sessions
  • Cutover checklist
  • Change request management
  • Smartsheet experience is a plus

Your range of experience with managing multiple clients at once and working with multiple brands of software (ERP versus just a line of business application), as well as your success in managing budgets, change requests, and successful go-lives, will determine how senior your position is.Project managers can range in experience and may be given the title of:

  • Consultant (2–4 years of experience)
  • Senior Consultant (4–8 years of experience)
  • Principal Consultant (8+ years of experience)

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We provide paid training that begins on Day One.

After 30 Days

  • 75% employee medical insurance; 50% dependents 
  • Group Life & ADD insurance
  • Voluntary life, dental, and vision insurance

After 90 Days

  • Weekly billable hours bonus — two tiers (consultants only)
  • 401k with 4% company match — 100% vested right away
  • Paid holidays
  • Up to 120 hours PTO annually (accrues each payday)
  • Profit sharing — 5 year vesting schedule
  • Performance evaluation — 90 days, then Annual

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