Caution: Don’t Bet Your Company’s Future on a Beauty Pageant Winner

beauty-pageant-winner-1067x533Picking software that looks pretty and wins over your selection team during the demonstration may result in a debacle similar to picking a beauty pageant winner for your spouse.  If you picked a new spouse from a beauty pageant, you might be disappointed to find out he/she specializes in looking pretty, but doesn't want to get a job, work, do the housework or take care of the kids (not to mention the more unsavory traits that don't show up in a beauty pageant.)  Cutting your losses with the mismatched spouse may cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars!  But at least you are free to move on and get a better spouse who wants to contribute to the household, not solely focus on keeping themselves attractive.

The same thing can happen when your company picks a new ERP application -- you could fall for the pretty demo you saw a couple of times but get saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of software and services for a product that will never work for your company!

In our experience, mid-market executives that are quickly growing out of their Financials software are already heavily burdened with their day jobs and do not have time to become ERP experts during the evenings and weekends.  Depending on the type of work your company does may also dictate looking at other business areas in conjunction with your Financials to make sure a new purchase isn't made in a silo away from the other business data that is needed by Finance.  This may be true for your supply chain, professional services or operational proprietary data stored in legacy systems.

ERP Advisors Group does all of the legwork before ever contacting software vendors to find out what your company's specific requirements are ---we find out what direction your company is headed and consider how all pertinent business areas will be affected by a new software purchase.  We will never let you or your company bet your future solely on the outcomes of a software demonstration "beauty pageant" winner.  Great demonstrations will make the finalists more obvious and help us decide who we will perform final diligence with.  But a great demonstration is just a ticket to get into the show -- not the winner of the crown!