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We often tell our clients that they should select an ERP as if their job depends upon it...because it most likely does. A wasted project results from implementing the wrong solution and not achieving the desired outcomes. Accumulating over a century of combined experience at ERP Advisors Group, we have developed "What to Know About ERP Selection". This comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate the rough waters of ERP selection, providing expert assurance in selecting the best fit solution.
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Not interested in hiring an ERP consultant but wish you knew what the ERP consultants knew? If so, we have the perfect tool for navigating your ERP selection. Our experts with a 100% successful go-live track record have compiled their most vital selection "nuggets" into the 16-page "What to Know About ERP Selection" guide, not available anywhere else.

Topics include:

  • The top reasons to upgrade — don’t upgrade if you do not have a compelling reason

  • What to do before you talk to vendors

  • The professional’s roadmap for

    an ERP selection process

  • The most common mistakes companies make when buying ERP

  • Implementation mistakes that happen during the Selection phase

This guide provides hours of expert consulting advice at your fingertips, enabling you to tackle YOUR project at YOUR pace. Buy your digital copy not available anywhere else. If you provide your address on the payment screen, we will mail you a hard copy as well.

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Buy the Guide on "What to Know About ERP Selection"

4 Steps to Vetting ERP Vendors

Most companies think that product demonstrations convey exactly what vendors are offering, but this is not the case. Here’s how the guide can ensure you walk away with a real understanding — not of what the product does, but what it will do for you.

How to Convey Your Requirements

  • Solutions cannot be selected if you are unaware of your pain points or how to communicate them. Learn how to identify, present, and evaluate your requirements before ever speaking with a vendor.

Understanding Vendor Services

  • Believe it or not, your needs go beyond the selection of a product, you are also selecting a partner. Learn how to develop an understanding of implementation services before signing the contract.

The Role of Subject Matter Experts

  • SMEs are essential in determining the fit of a product. Learn how to properly utilize SMEs to guarantee the right solution is selected.

Importance of the Vendor's Development Roadmap

  • A key person from the software vendor should be able to develop a clear roadmap for the client's executive team members. Learn to organize this critical meeting to accomplish all vital objectives.

We saved a lot of money by working with ERP Advisors Group. The ERP selection more than paid for itself in the cost savings — and we have a better tool. Read more.

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