Erica Windle, Principal Operations



Erica runs our Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Public Relations divisions.  She also codifies EAG's consulting and administrative methodologies into training curriculums, allowing us to train an ever-growing number of staff on consulting and administering our projects. Erica oversees our Marketing Department and the development of our website, marketing materials, and CPE offerings, and ensures our branding portrays our aspirations of being the world’s most trusted ERP advisory firm.  Additionally, she heads up the Sales Department, meeting with our prospects and ensuring they receive a high-value experience from their first interaction with ERP Advisors Group.

"What you get with your consultants at ERP Advisors Group is people who are invested in Enterprise Software projects day in and day out. They know the industries, they know the vendors, and they are committed to the success of their projects. Clients have even called us their ERP sherpas."

- Erica Windle




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What is your best accomplishment at EAG?

Developing our training materials and implementing a strong system for administering the business, then finding amazing people with my same passion to continue applying that methodology so I can build out other parts of the company.

What did you do before EAG?

By training, I’m actually a Doctor of Chiropractic and ran my own successful chiropractic clinic for 15 years until I sold it to go on sabbatical. After my sabbatical, I joined Shawn’s company when he was a solo consultant and have helped him more than 13x the company and continue to expand it every year.


What are you most proud of?

My beautiful, intelligent daughter, Sarah, who is in business school at the University of Tampa.

Where did you go to college?

First, I received my bachelor's degree in Biology at James Madison University, then I went on to attend Life University where I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love my succulent plants and enjoy propagating and designing new pots full of different varieties. I also love dishes and have more china than any one person should own. One pattern is now “vintage” because I started it so long ago!

Who are your favorite bands?

  • Dave Matthews Band (I grew up in Virginia after all!)
  • One Republic - favorite concert was in 2019 with the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks
  • Other favorites: Live, The Fray, Marc Cohn

What is a little known fact about you?

When I first moved to Denver, I played French horn in the Denver Concert Band, a municipal band, and played in free concerts all over Colorado!


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