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ERP Advisors Group (EAG) is one of the top independent enterprise software advisory firms for Food & Beverage companies.

Food and beverage companies have a wide range of unique business requirements including lot tracking commodity-type purchasing and re-selling with complex distribution, storage, and logistics requirements.

Modern software provides opportunities for food and beverage companies to improve purchasing decisions, increase sales due to better demand planning, and employ EDI technology to automate heavy purchasing and receiving transactions — which saves manpower.

Opportunities for food companies also include lot control visibility and better raw material staging and coordination to reduce worker downtime. This lends itself to a single source of truth across the production area for management.

ERP Advisors Group can help you differentiate food & beverage specialty software against horizontal ERP applications with industry customizations to meet your unique strategic and operational requirements, helping you make the best investment in your new software.

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ERP Help for Food & Beverage

ERP Advisors Group will help your food and beverage company to define requirements, set your software strategy, provide a roadmap, conduct a diligent vendor selection process, and stay on to manage the entire implementation.

Develop Your Food & Beverage ERP Strategy

We will define your needs and wants as well as how you would ideally use new automated solutions across your entire company.

Select Your New Software

We will guide you through selecting the best fit, most cost-effective business applications, and implementation partners.

Implementation Project Management

After finalizing your food and beverage ERP software and services contracts, EAG stays with you to oversee your implementation until you successfully go live. We will oversee integrations, data migration, change management, budgets, design and configuration, walkthroughs, training, testing, and go-live cutover, and will provide executive and project sponsor support throughout the duration of your project.

Data Migration

We assist with all components of data migration: extraction, cleansing, transformation, and loading into your new system to ensure you have complete confidence in the accuracy of your data at go live.

Why Food & Beverage Companies Upgrade Their ERP

Surveys across all of our food and beverage clients reveal the most common reasons why they need new ERP to automate their business:

  • Forecasting relies on the aggregation of numerous data points from across systems and is largely influenced by sales fulfillment history rather than actual historical customer demand.
  • Manually traced origin data and other vital producer information, causing inconsistencies and errors.
  • Lack of visibility creates cumbersome inventory location transfers.
  • Current system is unable to provide meaningful customer information across a range of requirements, from order status and purchase history to pricing product identification information.
  • Difficult to track food lot traceability between raw materials and finished goods.
  • Inventory management and planning are bottlenecked by reliance on multiple systems and complex rules/approvals surrounding order allocation.
  • Disparate data across systems leads to missed pricing opportunities.
  • Manual process for planning manufacturing capacity, demand plan, raw material lead times, etc.
  • Poor visibility across systems complicates the management of transportation and logistics operations.
  • Insufficient integration between internal systems requires duplicate data entry and creates fulfillment difficulties.
Our consultant from ERP Advisors Group was easy to get along with. They have the background and experience to be able to talk to the owners of the company or a clerk on the front lines, and anywhere in between. If we had not worked with EAG, we wouldn’t have accomplished our goal of having ownership agree to update our software. We’d still just be talking about it.
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Why You Should Hire ERP Advisors Group

We are 100% independent ERP consultants, and we never take commissions or payments from any vendors. Combining our objectivity with our white-glove selection process, you will be absolutely certain that you are selecting the right software and implementation resources.


Our food and beverage clients are very busy with their day jobs and do not have time to become ERP experts. Though your key people still have to devote some time to an ERP initiative, hiring an ERP consultant frees them up to make the important ERP decisions while staying focused on their day job.

Complex Business Processes

The more complex your business, the more likely for difficulty when selecting and implementing software. ERP Advisors Group will help you uncover your true needs and will only vet the most viable options for your size, requirements, resources, and strategy.



Best Practices for Your Industry

We will create your requirements document and demonstration script with your food and beverage industry best practices in mind while retaining what is unique to them, leaving out the manual workarounds.


Change Management

Many clients hire us to help when they suspect there will be a business case for new software, especially in a food and beverage company on legacy applications. ERP Advisors Group helps stakeholders buy into what is best for the company by getting their input at multiple stages including the Needs Analysis, Selection, and Implementation.


Vendor Demonstrations

A frequent complaint we hear from prospects who tried to select software on their own is feeling confused about the software's capabilities. We get vendors to show your requirements during their product demonstrations. This ensures you feel confident about selecting the best products that can meet your needs.

Contract Negotiations

We negotiate tens of millions of dollars of deals every year for our clients. We provide contract review on all terms and conditions, including software and services, and every agreement embedded throughout the contract. Our clients receive price protection for many years to come on their purchases. While we don't guarantee it in writing, we normally save our fees on this step alone.


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Benefits to Upgrading Your ERP Software

ERP Advisors Group's Needs Analysis will uncover the benefits your company would realize with an ERP upgrade.  Some of the most common benefits your food and beverage company will realize include:

  • Easy and comprehensive forecasting influenced by sales fulfillment history and customer demand.
  • Automatically combined demand plans, manufacturing capacity, production schedules, inventory levels, and purchasing lead times into developing plans.
  • Integration between systems provides visibility during the fulfillment process.
  • Single source of information for planning, scheduling, and order allocation.
  • Automation around transportation scheduling, status, and cost tracking, with easy data entry for critical shipping details.
  • Automation of purchasing processes and detailed framework for cost visibility.
  • Production and material requirements planning, including issuance of raw materials and receipt of finished goods, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Analytics function is automated and accurate, providing quality source data and reports.
  • Reduced manual work allows business data to be integrated and accessible.
  • Automated offer and sales order processes are integrated into email.
  • Container and shipment information, locations, and lead times allow for tracking inventory in disparate locations.

We had a legacy system that had not been upgraded in over 15 years. ERP Advisors Group not only helped us select the best solution for our company, but they were with us every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation.





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Food & Beverage ERP Vendors

ERP Advisors Group will help you not only define your requirements but more importantly, we will bake in the best practices for your Food and Beverage company into your Request for Information and Demonstration Script.

We conduct dozens of selections every year, equating to tens of millions of dollars in software and services sales.  With our deep knowledge of Food and Beverage ERP, we will help you find the right ERP for your company, AND the right professional services company to implement it. 

We regularly vet the top, most viable Food & Beverage ERP systems.

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