"We build cloud-based enterprise software that transforms work and how people feel about it, so you and they can thrive."

- Unit4

Why Customers Choose Unit4

Unit4 wins deals for services companies with complex international requirements, including languages, currencies, local business regulations, and international accounting standards that vary from country to country.

Unique Solutions

Unit4 is renowned in certain verticals within the ERP space, including the government and nonprofit industries. Unit4 provides unique solutions that can be utilized across the globe, adapting to various requirements, languages, and other obstacles occurring as a result of international operations. 


Unit4's narrowed focus has enabled it to deliver specialized value to users, putting an emphasis on innovation within its chosen fields. Through this, it can provide functionality beyond a general solution.

What Does Unit4 Sell?

Unit4 specializes in solutions for the professional services industry but also adapts well for the education, public services, and nonprofit sectors. Its main offerings are Unit4 ERP, Financial Planning & Analysis, Human Capital Management, Industry Mesh, and the Unit4 People Experience Suite.

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Unit4 ERP

  • Built on a public cloud platform, providing flexibility and ease of use to its customers.
  • Delivers modules for financial management, project management, procurement management, core human resources & payroll, and tools & reporting.
  • Goal of providing greater visibility across an organization.

Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Integrated financial planning, reporting, analysis & dashboarding, people planning & analytics, financial consolidation, and IFRS 16.

Unit4 People Experience Suite

  • A micro-services-based SaaS architecture.
  • Encompasses Enterprise Resource Planning, Financial Planning & Analysis, and Human Capital Management.

Human Capital Management

  • Designed to simplify payroll processes, increase productivity, and grow a business’s workforce.
  • Features include core human resources, payroll, talent management, reporting & analytics, and compensation planning.

Industry Mesh

  • Introduced to the Unit4 product lineup in January of 2022
  • Multi-tenant industry cloud service that equips enterprises with industry-specific ERP and other packaged integrations, building upon the ERPx platform.
  • Mesh Industry provides pre-built data flows and Integrations-as-a-Service (IaaS).
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Unit4 Partners

Unit4's network includes Select, Premier, and Elite Partners which differentiate their levels of expertise.

Go-To-Market Partners

Unit4's Go-to-Market Partners operate under the Global Partner Framework, providing tools, support, and unique expertise, and implement Unit4 ERP and other Unit4 solutions.

Developer4U Partners

Developer4U, Unit4’s developer program, provides customers with innovative solutions built to enhance the offerings of the Unit4 platform. Unit4 provides development environments, extension kit training, and support to its developers in creating unique applications.


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