"Deltek delivers software and information solutions that enable superior levels of project intelligence, management and collaboration. Our industry-focused expertise makes your projects successful and helps you achieve performance that maximizes productivity at every stage of the project lifecycle that fuels your business—on premises or in the cloud."

- Deltek

Why Customers Choose Deltek

Deltek has cemented its position in the ERP market regarding its industry specialization in project-focused industries. Customers who sell to government agencies look to Deltek for cutting-edge technology, enabling them to meet strict compliance standards and security requirements with ease.

Industry Specialization

Deltek develops solutions for project-focused industries. Working with these industries requires a specific attention to detailed reporting and customization.

Cutting Edge Technology

Customers who sell to government agencies look to Deltek solutions for meeting strict compliance standards around costing.



Customization and Customer Focus

Deltek puts an emphasis on the needs of its customers' project requirements, especially for government-centric organizations. Deltek focuses on delivering earned value management and government contracts, project financials, and analytics which are more difficult in horizontally developed ERPs.

Competitive Pricing

Deltek's pricing appeals to many businesses, specifically lower mid-market emerging engineering, EPC, architecture, and construction firms.

What Does Deltek Sell?

Deltek offers a diversified portfolio of ERP, PSA, Information Management, Field Applications, Business Development, Project Portfolio Management, and Human Capital Management solutions.


  • Offerings for both Government Contractors and Manufacturing.
  • Costpoint provides innovation and intelligence within an “all-in-one system.”

Deltek Maconomy

  • Advanced professional services companies optimize business operations and increase productivity by utilizing this fully integrated ERP accounting software.
  • Maconomy offers transparency and overall control, empowering businesses to make more informed decisions, while also delivering flexibility as they grow.

Deltek Vantagepoint

  • Vantagepoint provides functionality to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of business operations.
  • To enhance visibility, Vantagepoint delivers connective features across accounting, project management, human resources, and content management.

Other Solutions

  • Deltek offers a variety of solutions for various industries. A few of their additional offerings are:
    • Ajera for small A&E
    • Workbook for agencies
    • Computerease for construction
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Deltek Partners

Deltek's partnership network extends globally, equipped with independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators, accounting and consulting firms, and value-added resellers (VARs).

Value Added Resellers

Deltek's solutions can be acquired through VARs which provide offerings outside of the typical Deltek sales channels. 

Accounting and Consulting Firms

Deltek customers can utilize deep connections to consulting and accounting firm partners to drive success during and post-implementation. These individuals assist customers in getting the most from their systems.

Independent Software Vendors

Solutions created for the Deltek platform outside of its original offerings are developed by independent software vendors. ISVs provide unique value to users with needs beyond the basic out-of-the-box functionality.

Systems Integrators

Systems integrators assist Deltek customers in "integrating" additional solutions within the Deltek platform.


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