Client Testimonial: Nonprofit Association, Director of Financial Reporting


We relied heavily on EAG for the ERP selection. The needs analysis was very important because currently, we don’t have a heavy supply chain presence in our ERP. All our processes are manual and outside the ERP. It turned into more than I think Carly or Micah originally expected, but they handled the project well. It went smoothly, and people walked away with a lot of confidence knowing that they were going to get what they wanted.

ERP Advisors Group connected us with the team that really wowed us to the point that we bought the software. Carly was funny because she made the correct prediction before we even knew it would be the right fit for us.  EAG just made it easy. One of the big things EAG did really well was come in and say, “You know what? Here’s this software. Let us talk you through why we selected them for you.” There was a lot of matchmaking that ERP Advisors Group did and that was extremely helpful.

There were a couple of times we were doing our planning process for the budget, and we really needed answers quickly. If we needed answers, Carly got back to us quickly, even on something that was more of a scenario that we needed to plan for, she went above and beyond to meet with us, jump on calls, and provide a great experience for us. We would absolutely recommend ERP Advisors Group. They went above and beyond

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