"Our customers are the hardworking businesses who make, move, and sell the things everyone needs. Our carefully curated industry productivity solutions enable you to keep the world turning, even during the most challenging times."

- Epicor

Why Customers Choose Epicor

Epicor wins deals because of their feature-rich functionality for distributors, manufacturers, lumber and automotive businesses.

Industry Specialization

Epicor differentiates itself by providing a number of industry-specific solutions. This specialization of software allows users to purchase products that feature what they need, leaving out everything they do not. The specializations in the Automotive, Lumber, Distribution, and Manufacturing industries set Epicor apart.

Epicor Feature Functionality

Epicor provides a number of features across many platforms, designed to meet the needs of specific industries. These features range from basic accounting functionality to remote accessibility and precise operations tracking, especially for manufacturers and automotive wholesalers.

Epicor ICE Business Architecture

Epicor provides many solutions that can be used out-of-the-box.  However, the underlying ICE Business Architecture provides a next-generation experience by providing, usability, scalability, and flexibility while reducing costs, increasing hardware utilization, and optimizing infrastructure and server availability.


50 Years of Experience

After being in the market for 50 years, Epicor has established a name for itself and has developed extensive knowledge to differentiate from other vendors with similar solutions. Their maturity in the industry has led to a loyal customer base and a knowledgeable channel that caters to their customers.

What Does Epicor Sell?

Epicor offers ERP systems with industry-specific specialization for distributors and manufacturers.

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Distributor Software

  • Wholesaler solutions in Epicor Eclipse.
  • Epicor Prophet 21 assists distributors with operations and growth.
  • Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket offers feature functionality for service, sales, and margins, and is geared towards auto parts dealers, distributors, and shops.

Manufacturer Software

  • Epicor Kinetic, Epicor's flagship ERP, reduces restrictions to manufacturing operations and growth.
  • Epicor CMS Automotive advances efficiency while enabling auto companies to meet delivery and production deadlines through.


  • Epicor LumberTrack provides industry specific functionality for the lumber industry.
  • Epicor BisTrack Global is software for lumber and building materials businesses.

Other Industries

  • Epicor Propello is a cloud offering for the retail sector, designed for ease of use.
  • Epicor Vision services provides automotive aftermarket management requirements.
  • Epicor Eagle is a retail management solution built with point of sale capabilities and more for retailers.
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Epicor Partners

An Epicor channel partner will be your liaison during the selling process rather than the software publisher. Other partners specialize in developing platform solutions for extending Epicor's functionality.

Channel Partners

Over the years, Epicor has built their Epicor Partner Network, a sales, support, and marketing program built to provide opportunities for Channel Partner growth. Epicor's Channel Partners are provided training and support to ensure they are product experts, able to provide support to all Epicor users. 



ISV Partners

Epicor has developed strong, strategic ISV partnerships with software development partners to provide solutions to Epicor users from development to implementation. This strategy allows Epicor to provide best-of-breed solutions, blending together options across the market that partner with Epicor.


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