ERP Optimization for Central Seaway


censea-1-200x100ERP Advisors can help you optimize or upgrade your current ERP system so you can receive the most benefit from your software and don’t get lost in the weeds. We take an outside look at how you are currently using your ERP system and decide how best to capitalize on your solution, how to take advantage of everything it offers, and then guide you through significant upgrades.

Problem: Central Seaway annually imports more than $200 million of quality seafood from more than 30 countries. They replaced a 15-year-old system with state of the art cloud-based ERP, but they were still performing a lot of tasks manually including transactions, communications between vendors, and data flow between vendors and customers.

Solution: ERP Advisors helped build out a technical solution that automated over $200 million in transactions and from that, they were able to redeploy resources from manual tasks to more strategic tasks. They were able to reduce the time required to process a transaction, and thus their orders were able to be fulfilled faster ultimately increasing their cash flow. They were also able to put a reporting solution in place that increased their visibility into the data and make more actionable decisions.

Even though you may use an ERP solution, there may be parts of your business that could be further automated so that you can get back to running your business. We can help you optimize your solutions so you are receiving all the benefits your software can provide.