Agriculture Case Study: National Livestock

At ERP Advisors Group, we specialize in finding and implementing ERP solutions that can consolidate a fragmented software setup into a cohesive, streamlined system that provides all of the functionality our clients need.


National Livestock provides auction and financial services for the cattle industry, with a credit corporation that serves seven U.S. states. With numerous subsidiaries and holdings, they faced software consolidation issues with incompatible platforms. Requirements included moving to a cloud-based system, speeding up intracompany transactions, and accommodating their specialized auction business.


ERP Advisors Group guided the ERP implementation process of a centralized, cloud-based ERP that was a significant upgrade over their existing software. This included a custom loan application, as well as a website portal for National Livestock’s banking customers.

The new ERP system has been able to support the consolidation of many of their subsidiaries onto a single platform, with the capability of scaling to migrate additional companies to the system in the coming months. As the CFO of National Livestock noted, “Everything is going great on our end” and “We are very happy with our new software.”

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