Client Testimonial: Automotive Manufacturer, Procurement Director


I found ERP Advisors Group through our parent company. Originally, the team had quoted many different ERP advisor-type firms, but the executive team challenged them to do the work internally, so they stopped their search for a time. When I came along, I recognized the complexities of our operations and knew we needed an advisor to help us because I could not devote all of my time to selecting an ERP alone. I asked our parent company and they offered me the top three firms they had previously narrowed down and ERP Advisors Group was on that shortlist.

Before we made the final decision to work with EAG we were a bit unsure because they were more expensive than the other firms, but when I met Quentin, who would end up becoming our project lead, I knew he would be worth it, and that working with EAG would be worth it. At one point, Quentin quickly moved the team to the next detailed review step, and it reassured our CEO, who already knew we desperately needed an ERP system. Our CEO wanted to be sure that whomever we were working with truly understood our urgency, and EAG did.

We are only about two years old and are the youngest company under our parent company's umbrella. When I came to the company, I was the only supply chain person on the team. My background is with a major automotive company, so, I am used to having an ERP system and I immediately knew we needed one. So, I asked: what are you doing in the ERP world?

As a startup, our team knew we needed to invest in an ERP from day one. However, when I got here, I realized that no one had been working on this project, so part of my job was to organize a team and assign responsibility so we could actually make it happen and get a system in place. Now we are at a point where leads from multiple teams are involved because this decision will impact the entire company.

Once we engaged with EAG our project got moving, starting with a needs analysis. The overall process has taken some time to truly evaluate our business needs, but this additional due diligence should allow us to move more efficiently during the implementation phase and help us find and select the right product and the right partners. While our team is very good at knowing what we want, EAG has helped us focus and identify things we would not have on our own, especially as we evaluate products and understand what this system will and will not be able to do.

EAG’s documentation and processes were very beneficial, and Quentin made sure that we were following the plan clearly, which was perfect. And it was seamless because we did not have to reinvent the wheel, we just needed Quentin to show us where we would fit. From the beginning, we had high expectations for our project, our team, and EAG, and they delivered on them. Quentin was valuable in his ability to ask questions, probe for deep answers, or identify areas of concern, truly making us feel heard. Frankly, Quentin is just the best to work with and has been fabulous for all of us and we tell him every day about how wonderful he is. The entire experience has been great so far, not just because of Quentin, but also his team, he has just been our leader through this project.

I have already recommended ERP Advisors Group to colleagues and will continue to do so. When asked by my parent company if I would recommend EAG, I said hands down. Partnering with ERP Advisors Group will make your project so much smoother.

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