Client Testimonial: Adam Birk, COO Vertikal Brands & Higdon Outdoors

adam birk 2

We’re backed by a private equity firm that also owns a consulting firm. So just talking internally and networking with other colleagues, they told me other companies that they have used for ERP projects. And I talked to someone who had previously worked with Shawn and she had a lot of good things to say. And that was why I chose ERP Advisors Group to help us.

From a Needs Analysis perspective, there’s a lot we need to solve with the new software. The company is still on Quickbooks, and we’re trying to grow them into a fairly substantial platform that’s private equity backed.

We know, just from our experience, that it wasn’t a matter of “if”, it was a matter of “when” we would need to update. So just with a lot of other factors going on in the business and a multitude of reasons, we’re wanting to seriously consider if we can do it as soon as possible. So that was a big part of the Needs Analysis — can we do it in this time frame? Or are we better off finding a band-aid to get us by?

I feel like Founder and Managing Principal Shawn Windle is very capable and has a lot of good experience and knowledge to draw from. I was particularly impressed when Shawn went to visit our company. I work from home, so I wasn’t able to be there, and Shawn went to visit the company for a day. His ability to grasp what’s going on in that one day’s visit was pretty impressive. He picked up on so many pieces — challenges and dynamics that are going on in the business — that I was very impressed by.

It’s been a good experience, so I would certainly refer a colleague to ERP Advisors Group.

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