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"We know that business challenges come in all shapes and sizes. That’s where AppExchange comes in. It's the most trusted enterprise cloud marketplace with more than 7000 apps and certified consulting organizations to help extend Customer 360."

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What Does Salesforce AppExchange Offer?

AppExchange is an extensive resource for Salesforce users, with thousands of available solutions built upon the Salesforce Lightening platform, all designed to work hand-in-hand with the CRM. Among these solutions are ERP offerings for companies of various sizes and requirements.


As one of the larger ERPs offered on the platform, FinancialForce is designed to extend a company's investment in the Salesforce CRM across the company to include order management, fulfillment, accounting, etc. Backed by industry leaders such as Salesforce Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures, Advent International, and Unit4, the cloud offering continues to expand in the ERP space. 


Rootstock was launched in 2008 soon after Financial Force (FF). It is smaller in size than FF, with roughly 160 customers and 125 employees, but it's impact on users is anything but small. The solution works cohesively with the Salesforce CRM to exclusively manage and grow manufacturers, distributors and supply chain-dependent companies.


Accounting Seed

Also founded in 2008, Accounting Seed works harmoniously with the Salesforce CRM, providing visibility, control, and automation to its customers. Accounting Seed is a smaller-scale offering, providing strong accounting automation and real-time reporting to small to mid-sized businesses.


Other PaaS Solutions has a vast array of offerings, virtually guaranteeing that its customers will be able to find something for each of their needs. If not, the Salesforce Lightening platform can be utilized by developers to create new, specialized solutions.

What Functionality Is Available with Salesforce AppExchange ERP's?

Each ERP has its own unique functionality and focus, designed to meet businesses where they are.


The FinancialForce ERP primarily supports service-oriented organizations with efficient processes and workflows. The application is designed to enhance sales, services, finance, and human resource processes. Its key functionality includes Accounting, Billing, Professional Services Automation (PSA), Revenue Recognition, Human Capital Management (HCM), and Supply Chain Management.


Designed specifically for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Supply Chain companies, Rootstock combines engagement and data storage into a single cloud system. This allows operations to move smoothly from the front to the back of an organization. Rootstock's integration with Salesforce CRM allows users to manage scalability and customer interaction on a new level. Its core functionalities include Inventory Reporting, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Safety Management, and more.

Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed provides accurate real-time reporting and dashboards. Customization allows users to design the most efficient and effective cloud-based processes for their specific needs. Some customizable extensions include project accounting and expenses, multi-currency functionality, consolidations, purchase and sales orders, nonprofit connector, and fraud detection, among other features.

Other PaaS Solutions has a wide array of offerings for departments across the organization and across most industries. It has applications that automate document storage and organization, help specific industries be more effective in long-term planning, such as real estate and energy, or even deploy more security and firewalls throughout different Salesforce offerings. 

Get the ERP Vendor Guide Partnerships

Financial Force

FinancialForce utilizes a strong partnership network, with the primary focus centering on implementation and reselling. Value Added Resellers provide sales, consulting, and implementation services to FinancialForce customers. In addition, they provide a services provider program aimed at delivering specialized consulting and implementation support. FinancialForce also offers its ReadyApp program, which can help developers customize and design the solution to fit the specific needs of the customer.


Rootstock has partners all over the world, consisting primarily of implementation partners and complimentary software partners. This worldwide network of partners has the expertise needed to walk customers through their Rootstock implementation, develop customized modules for specific needs, and provide baseline support.



Accounting Seed

Salesforce AppExchange has offerings for no-code automation, implementation partners, and training tools for customers; however, the partnership ecosystem for Accounting Seed is not as robust as other ERPs due to the ERP being a Tier 4 solution. The Salesforce AppExchange also allows users to customize their dashboards and workflows. For customers implementing AccountingSeed, resources are available within its established Knowledge Base to enable customers to implement the software themselves.

Other PaaS Solutions

Salesforce AppExchange has well-developed resources for its many software offerings. Consultants with deep industry knowledge and specialized developers with proven Salesforce expertise are available within the network to provide support beyond the individual offerings of each system built upon the platform.


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