"Delivering to your customers at the Moment of Service is what really makes your business successful. IFS Cloud helps companies engage customers, empower employees, and optimize assets."


Why Customers Choose IFS

Industry-Specific Solutions

IFS’ industry-specific solutions, especially in asset-intensive verticals, make them a viable option in the ERP market and establish themselves alongside other prominent ERP vendors. Their cloud strategy and channel partnership model provides a basis for continuing their expansion throughout the United States.

Key Functionality

IFS wins over its competition by offering deep Enterprise Asset Management, Field Services, and key functionality supporting equipment, maintenance, services, jobs, and time tracking work together across one unified platform with Accounting and HR/Payroll.


Out-of-the-Box Cloud Solutions

IFS has invested heavily in IFS Cloud to provide immediate functionality for customers looking to automate processes and connect to external data and software. IFS Cloud also provides open APIs and low-code customizations, further enhancing its value to customers.


User Friendly

Its solutions have been categorized as user-friendly, making it an ideal solution for many organizations, especially those with less technical users.

What Does IFS Sell?

IFS Cloud is an ERP which offers industry-specific solutions, especially in asset-intensive verticals, offered through Software-as-a-Service or on-premises.

IFS Cloud

  • Like many other ERP software vendors, IFS has focused significant resources on the development and advancement of their cloud platform, IFS Cloud.
  • Its cloud solution improves data connectivity, scalability, and processing efficiency. 

Field Services Management Solutions

  • ERP functionality to automate processes for field workers, salespeople, accounting, inventory, and equipment maintenance.
  • Time tracking per job, coding it to a contract or warranty, accounting for parts consumed from company trucks, and ensuring accounting has all the correct information when sending invoices to their customers.
  • Track, schedule, and dispatch technical resources and vehicles on efficient routes that are timed for scheduled services or repairs.


Enterprise Asset Management

  • Maintaining heavy equipment that consumes parts, requires maintenance schedules, and needs scheduling across multiple jobs.
  • Enterprise Asset Management, one of IFS’ core differentiators, is traditionally a major requirement for process manufacturers, mining, energy, and other industrial clients.

Financials and Human Resources/Payroll

  • Alongside Field Services Management and Enterprise Asset Management, IFS offers fully integrated modules that automate Financials and Human Resources/Payroll core processes.
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IFS Partners

IFS’ partnership ecosystem expands across multiple verticals and geographies to partners that deliver solutions based on industry knowledge and experience. They developed programs to incentivize partners to refer, resell, and co-sell, encouraging personal relationships and continued innovation.

Channel Partners

IFS's channel partners do not develop the software, however, they act as an indirect sales force for IFS,  making their products and services available to the public. See a comprehensive list of IFS partners here

Global/Regional System Integrators

Customers can select their global or regional integrator based on industry-specific expertise.  Integrators provide implementation and integration services for deploying IFS, including best practices for their client's industry.


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