How HR Software Can Improve Employee Morale

Last week we discussed the elements of a strong, core HR software solution and the advanced modules that can expand its capabilities. This week, we will discover how a good HR software can improve employee morale, something that no other application used by your organization can claim.

HR software has the potential to touch every single employee in your business, impacting not only HR specialists but also managers, executives and all the way down to the newest member of your team. Here are a few ways good HR software positively affects each level of employee in your business.

HR Specialist/HR Department: There’s no doubt that HR software impacts your HR department first and foremost. In many of the cases we see, the HR department already has some sort of solution in place, but they may be “frankenstein-ing” multiple solutions to handle everything from recruiting to talent management. This usually results in inefficiencies created by the need to enter the same data point into multiple systems manually. HR specialists get into this field because they enjoy working with people and helping them build careers. But when those employees spend over 80% of their time on data entry, they are not able to handle more strategic HR issues, not doing the parts of their job they are best at, and not reaching their full potential. Having a good HR software in place dramatically increases the morale of the HR department or specialist because it automates the redundant tasks and allows them to focus on what really matters most.

Managers: Managers and executives are obviously important and valuable assets for your company, and they are often the busiest and most time-invested of your employees. When our ERP Advisor Group consultants are out in the field talking to managers and executives, a majority of them find HR tasks superfluous to the overall objective of their job. A good HR software can automate many of the tasks managers are responsible for such as approving or declining paid time off (PTO). An employee can simply request PTO and the manager hits approve or deny in an email, without even opening up the application — which makes a potentially time-consuming process nearly instantaneous. HR Software also creates an auditing trail for employees, which is extremely helpful when it comes time for performance reviews (or creating a Performance Improvement Plan, a task that many managers do not relish). Managers can see the feedback they have added for a staffer or what other employees have written without having to keep track of paperwork. A comprehensive software lets managers and executives get back to their jobs and back to managing their departments and goals — not just the people.

Employee Base: It has been said that performing inefficient, repetitive tasks brings down morale. If you want to increase a person’s happiness, keep them busy doing the tasks that they are good at. Production is the basis for morale. For many of your employees, filling out paperwork that is just going to get re-entered into multiple systems is an inefficient task, and they are well aware of that. They are also aware of the fact that your organization isn’t as modern as it could be and that’s exactly the message you are sending. It can be potentially embarrassing for your employees to perform such meaningless tasks that a simple application could automate.


The bottom line is that if you’re not running a modern, comprehensive HR application, your employees are suffering. It’s not always easy to quantify all of the benefits.  But it just makes sense. There are numerous applications in the marketplace today, some new, some established, but none are exactly the same. Choosing the right HR software for your company comes down to the needs, goals, and wants of your organization. If you want to increase the morale of your HR department, your managers and executives, and your overall employee base, it is time to start researching a comprehensive HR solution.