The Hidden Pain of Spreadsheets

You might not realize the pain your organization has — because it’s hidden in your spreadsheets. After all, spreadsheets “work just fine” to give you the information you need.

What you may not realize is the burden your staff is under and the dozens of hours they spend each month to compile reports for management. We interviewed people at a company who had to enter the same data into 100 spreadsheets to come up with the analysis the CEO needed every month.

The amount of time that could be freed up for your resources to do more value-added work can’t be underestimated. New ERP software doesn’t eliminate people. Rather, it streamlines the work your key workers do so they can handle a higher volume of work that they specialize in. This creates a vacuum for your organization to handle magnitudes more work volume from the existing staff who are now able to do their work and not workaround the system your organization has outgrown. 

ERP Advisors Group helps you assess any area of your business software where you suspect inefficiencies are slowing down your operations. We also help identify the risks of doing nothing. With a solid business case, whether it is for optimizing what you have or selecting new software, your executive leadership can feel confident they are making the right decision, eliminating all guesswork and indecision.

And because ERP Advisors Group never accepts incentives or commissions from software providers or aftermarket services, you can always be sure our advice is in your best interest. 

Having an advisor who knows all of the issues you are dealing with currently — and all of the issues you will face, whether you change software or not — can be invaluable to your operations.

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