Technology Case Study: Cologix

Cologix LogoOnce you are certain of your needs for a new ERP, it is time to start the selection process. Using our Total Certainty ERP selection methodology, we facilitate clients through a thorough software vetting process that will leave you 100% certain that you have selected the best-fit, most cost-effective solution in the marketplace. By engaging us to assist you with your selection process, you eliminate the risk of choosing the wrong software.   

Problem: An early stage data center company headquartered in Denver, Colorado had significant plans for growth throughout North America. To support their plans, they needed an ERP platform that provided core business process functionality, a flexible toolset that would allow modifications to support their unique needs, and a platform that could rapidly scale with minimal additional IT investment.

Solution: ERP Advisors evaluated over 40 applications using 11 specific core decision criteria across those applications. We then objectively ranked each vendor according to the best fit and provided our recommendation. The software chosen allowed our client to build award-winning custom applications that drastically improved user experience and automated complex processes that otherwise would have required significant additional headcount.

Our client was able to create substantial enterprise value by building a system that contained complex and nonstandard business processes that will remain in place regardless of personnel turnover. They have also been able to acquire 10+ businesses and roll them onto their ERP platform with little incremental cost.

After determining your needs as an organization, the next crucial decision is selecting an ERP solution that aligns with those company needs, vetting the vendors, and evaluating each prospect to see if it is a good fit. We help you through the selection process by providing a vendor-agnostic list of solutions that best fit your organization and its needs.

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