ERP + Digital Transformation

erp-digital-transformationThere are many reasons companies implement ERP systems, but one of the biggest ones is to bring all of their systems, from accounting to HR, together into one central solution.

Whatever your specific needs, ERP software can help you transform your business—as part of a digital transformation. Or in other words, ERP can support your greater effort to add value to and improve your business through technology.

So when you set out to increase the efficiency of your organization, you might decide that an ERP system will help you achieve this goal—along with other efforts.

What is Digital Transformation? describes digital transformation as the “application of digital capabilities to processes, products, and assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk, and uncover new monetization opportunities.”

Think about the retail industry. Years ago, consumers would travel to a store, shop for clothes, try them on, and purchase them. These days, retail—like many industries—offers many channels to their customers. We can buy clothes online, try on clothes in a store first and then buy them online, reserve clothes online and pick them up in person—and that’s just one element of the experience. Buyers can also get personalized recommendations before they ever set foot in a store and pay via their mobile device. Needless to say, this digitally transformed business model also transforms the customer experience.

ERP: A Vital Step Toward Digital Transformation

ERP News explains the role of ERP in an organization’s digital transformation like this: “ERP has a major impact on digital transformation. It has the capability of bringing revolutionary changes in various processes of modern business.”

It’s true. Digital transformation is about changing your organization through significant process improvement by giving your customers, vendors and stakeholders the greatest flexibility for interacting with your business. ERP software integrates all aspects of your business operations, leading to greater efficiency, speed and customer satisfaction. Put simply, your ERP software is the platform for your digital transformation.

Without an ERP platform that helps with integrating orders, inventory, accounting, returns, shipping, etc., making the next leap towards transforming your customer’s experience will be impossible. Having a software platform to spring from makes the next steps of transforming how your employees, customers and vendors interact with newer technology easier without disrupting your industry or geography.

There are many reasons companies implement ERP systems, but one of the biggest ones is to bring all of their systems, from accounting to HR, together into one central solution.

This could be driven by many factors:

  • Outgrowing your current software
  • Dealing with disparate systems that do not work well together
  • An inefficient supply chain
  • Inventory management that needs to be optimized

Your desire to implement an ERP system could very well be due to all of the above.

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