What the Epicor ERP 10.2.700 Update Could Mean for Manufacturers


According to Epicor, the release of Epicor ERP 10.2.700 will modernize the user experience for Epicor ERP users. They promise features such as new reports, forms, and processes to help make daily tasks easier and faster, and we are optimistic about what this means for organizations that are thinking about updating.

Kinetic UX Featured Across Entire Epicor ERP System

Another bit of good news with this release is that the Kinetic UX feature will now be embedded across the entire system. This more contemporary user interface will increase user efficiency and assist those in various industries, such as manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.

Epicor also promises that the new update will have easier-to-read menus and more robust search functionality. Accessibility has been improved as well, with users being able to access the system via both desktop and mobile. The release of Epicor ERP 10.2.700 with the Kinetic UX should mean improved feature functionality for manufacturing-specific use cases.

All of this bodes well for Epicor ERP’s existing customer base, especially those who are looking to update their systems. With functions that are specific for mid-sized manufacturing distributors, and the new Kinetic UX interface, Epicor is offering what most customers have come to expect in a modern ERP system.

The new update will also help make ERP implementations easier and smoother — an additional perk. Customers want modern technology, and they demand it to be user-friendly. So having an updated and modernized user experience is really just table stakes for any ERP in 2020.

Manufacturers Set to Benefit from New Update

Manufacturing organizations can expect a significant improvement with the Epicor ERP 10.2.700 update, especially metal manufacturers. Epicor has added Advanced Unit of Measure (AUOM), a new feature that will help manufacturers resolve a previous pain point with the old system.

Previously, metal manufacturers had issues with tracking part numbers for specific types of metal. The program allowed for only one part number to be created, but manufacturers often needed more to keep track of different sizes and types of metals. This issue could only be resolved with additional customization of the program, an expensive option.

The new AUOM feature resolves this issue, as it allows companies to track different kinds or sizes of metals with one part number. It can also be used throughout the processing of the item, from manufacturing to shipping.

What Epicor’s Recent Purchase Could Mean for the Future

In other news, Epicor was recently bought by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, which could have a positive impact on the company. While Epicor has been around for more than 45 years, we’re interested to see what will happen now that they’ve been purchased by CD&R.

We see some indications that the new owners are looking at investing in Epicor’s growth, which could mean more tech-related acquisitions in the foreseeable future. And we are looking forward to seeing whether this new ownership team can position Epicor more competitively as a modern ERP application with excellent customer service.

From what we have seen, the new ownership has invested in a wide variety of holding companies, not just technology or services companies. They have indicated in some of their press releases that they’re looking forward to growing Epicor, which most likely means more acquisitions. This could indicate that we might see Epicor with an ERP package in the future that has a stronger platform to it than the legacy Epicor products do.

All in all, the future looks bright for Epicor, thanks to their latest update to Epicor ERP 10.2.700, and their acquisition by a firm that by all appearances is going to be taking their products into the future.

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