Bron Tapes: A Case Study for New ERP

Bron Tapes is the premier producer, converter, and distributor of pressure-sensitive tapes, adhesives, and innovative solutions in North America. With over 40 years of experience, along with 10 production and distribution centers across the country, they stand ready to help their customers find a solution for every application.

The EAG team conducted a needs analysis across Bron Tapes, paying particular attention to manual processes that can slow down production. Our methodology ensures that issues and challenges are identified to build consensus as the team continues into the Selection and Implementation phases.

EAG consults with our clients to ensure they understand their true needs for new technology solutions and then ensures our client is absolutely certain they select the best vendor and implementation partner. Having a knowledgeable, experienced advisor throughout the Needs Analysis, Selection, and Implementation phases contributes to a successful deployment and adoption of the new software at go-live. 



Discover how EAG partnered with Bron Tapes for a successful ERP initiative from Needs Analysis, Selection, Implementation, and Optimization.


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