The Complete Guide to Avoiding ERP Implementation Failure

Get the guide for avoiding implementation failure from experts with over a hundred successful ERP implementations.

Over 70% of digital transformations fail, leaving businesses to pick up the pieces. A failed implementation can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, in addition to the time and human capital wasted on the project. To combat this startling statistic, we have committed ourselves to perfecting the art of ERP implementation and providing the most reliable information on the market. Whether you are looking for a hands-on ERP consultant or resources to plan your next ERP project, we have what you need to succeed.


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Not interested in hiring an ERP consultant but wish you knew what the ERP consultants knew? If so, we have the perfect tool for advising you on your implementation. Our experts with a 100% successful go-live track record have compiled their most valuable implementation "nuggets" into the 23 page "Complete Guide to Avoiding ERP Implementation Failure" not available anywhere else.

Topics include:

  • Defining Implementation Succes
  • What to Include in an ERP Implementation Plan

  • ERP Implementation Phases

  • Options for Staffing Your Implementation

  • Benefits of a Client-Side Project Manager

  • Tips for Successfully Going Live

  • Post Go-Live Tips for Your Implementation

This guide condenses almost ten hours of ERP consulting advice which you can read at your own pace and apply as you approach each phase of work.  Buy your digital copy not available anywhere else. If you provide your address on the payment screen, we will mail you a hardcopy as well for no extra charge (US only.)

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Buy the Complete Implementation Guide

Should you purchase the "Complete Guide to Avoiding ERP Implementation Failure" but decide that confronting your implementation alone is more than you can bear and would rather hire us to help, we will give you a $1,250 credit on your first invoice!

BONUS: To help get your implementation on the right track, we will also send you

"Going Live: A Checklist for  Implementation Success" for free.



4 Ways to Avoid Implementation Failure

We have seen many implementation failures over the years, and we have observed a few common denominators. Below is a glimpse into top ways to avoid ERP implementation failure. 

Ensure you have the RIGHT resources
  • Sometimes the implementation resources are too bogged down by other projects or their day jobs to devote time to the success of a major transformation. Poorly managing resources will be detrimental to your implementation.  


Hold users ACCOUNTABLE during training

  • Organize sessions where users can practice entering orders or handling other common tasks. This ensures that training is not only assigned but is completed while also creating a safe environment for employees to ask questions.
Plan for DATA MIGRATION early
  • A system will falter without good data. Data migration processes should begin months prior to implementation (or longer for multinational or complex companies), so put data at the forefront of your implementation.

Don't underestimate the power of TESTING
  • You don't know if an ERP works until you test it. Understand how to test your system leading up to going live to cut down on surprises (and headaches) the day of. 

We decided to hire ERP Advisors Group because they were professionals in the industry, and ERP implementations are the only thing they do. We didn't want to choose a firm that had two or three other side businesses. EAG helped us determine that there was one system that was going to be a fit for us. In the end, they made our choice easy. Read more or see Bron Tapes case study.

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