How Do You Know If You Need an ERP Upgrade?

The wrong ERP can limit business growth while putting significant stress on the leadership team to ensure the business's future viability. Unfortunately, ERP upgrades are costly and risky, so you must be absolutely certain of your need for an upgrade prior to taking the plunge.

Upgrading your ERP is a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming task that can cause many business leaders to suppress the obvious signs that they need a new system. However, the right upgrade at the right time will provide your business with benefits and growth opportunities for many years to come. Adversely, remaining on the wrong ERP could spell devastation for the future of an organization.


Going through an ERP implementation is a stressful, tense time and ERP Advisors Group was very helpful throughout the process. There doesn’t seem to be much that EAG can’t do for us. Although we weren’t used to updating software, ERP Advisors Group really helped get us as ready as we could be for the project.
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In this free eight-page guide, our team of expert ERP consultants breaks down the most important considerations when identifying your business's need for an ERP upgrade. Don't wait until it is too late, arm your organization with this exclusive content today. 

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ERP Advisors Group only provides software advisory services. Our consultants only work on enterprise software selections and implementations. Therefore, they are experts in conducting software selections and know the pitfalls to avoid as they guide our clients to a successful go-live.

100% of our clients’ implementations go live, which is unheard of in our industry and even among our competitors.

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There are hundreds of systems out there. ERP Advisors Group helped us find the perfect fit.

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CFO, Bron Tapes
Bron Tapes

ERP Advisors Group really understands the market that they’re in and the clients that they have. They’re very honest, high integrity people. They have no direct affiliation with any vendors and receive no kickbacks for any products they recommend. Whenever someone I know says they are looking for a new ERP system, I will always refer them to EAG. I honestly don't even know who else to refer them to at this point.
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