How to Negotiate an ERP Deal

We have negotiated hundreds of deals, worth tens of millions of dollars in software and we are now offering our complete guide to negotiating an ERP deal.

So you've already put all the time and effort into selecting the right ERP software and now all you need to do is sign on the dotted line, right? Wrong. The last thing you want to do is rush to sign a software deal with poor contract terms. This is your last chance to ensure you selected the right software for your needs, with the right terms, conditions, and discounts for your company for many years to come.


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Topics include:

  • The Most Overlooked Selection Criteria

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  • Final Negotiations: Learn What Levers You Can Pull
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Negotiating a Deal
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A Few Tips for Negotiating

There is always room to negotiate. The key is knowing what is negotiable.

Know Your Long-Term Goals

  • Are you looking for more optimal price concessions? Have you considered what payment terms will be best for your company? Do you know what terms the vendors will extend? Would you rather preserve cash and finance your purchase? There are countless things to consider when negotiating a deal, so you need to know which are the most important to you.

Don't Be That Client When Negotiating Professional Services Discounts

  • Depending on whom you are negotiating with and the size of the services firm, you may not want to push too hard on a service discount. While you may be able to "strong arm" a better hourly rate with your provider, it may devalue your project's importance to the partner, causing you to get mediocre resources or less prioritization.

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Buy the "Complete Guide to Negotiating an ERP Deal"